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Residential Lot Grading

Flooding caused by heavy precipitation, melting snow, or runoff may pose problems for all kinds of properties. Older and newer houses, residential and commercial developments may be at risk for flooding if proper precautions are not taken. The City encourages all builders and homeowners to take preventive measures to avoid flooding, and has set out standards for drainage and lot grading under the Drainage Bylaw

Front yards of two homes

Lot grading standards for newer neighbourhoods developed in response to problems in older neighbourhoods. While the bylaw came into effect in 1997, the standards are enforced retroactively for all properties developed after 1989.

Property owners are responsible for their own lot grading. Check our information about Lot Grading Guidelines, approval inspections, dispute resolution, Lot Grading Video page, and Flood Prevention Video page to ensure that you are taking the right steps to prevent flooding on your property.

For Multi-Family Lot Grading, more information can be found in Commercial and Multi-Family Lot Grading Guidelines.

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