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What Goes Where?

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Find out what goes into your garbage, what you can recycle, and what you can take to Eco Stations.

Eco Station

Take household hazardous waste and large items to an Eco Station.

No Charge

Electronics and appliances

  • anything with a battery or cord
    (computers, TVs, toasters)
  • BBQs, lawnmowers, power tools
  • stoves, washing machines


  • motor oil, antifreeze, gas, diesel
  • oil filters, tires, batteries and parts

Corrosive/poisonous cleaners

  • bleach, drain, toilet and oven cleaners

Lawn and garden

  • herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer


  • all light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and lighting fixtures


  • paint/stain (empty or full cans, including aerosols)
  • thinner, turpentine, varnish


  • aerosol cans
  • batteries of all kinds
  • fire extinguishers, propane bottles or tanks
  • syringes (put in a thick plastic bottle like a detergent bottle)
  • glues

Charges Apply

Construction scrap

  • lumber, windows, shingles, insulation, drywall, concrete

Large bulky items

  • mattresses, sofas
  • appliances needing CFC removal

Yard waste

  • soil, gravel
  • tree branches,¬†roots, stumps


These items do not belong in your blue bag or blue bin.
(This list does not include all possible garbage materials.)

Food waste

  • table scraps, spoiled food, peelings


  • broken dishes, cups, or ceramic items
  • plate glass, mirrors


  • foil wrap, clothes hangers

Paper and cardboard

  • disposable diapers
  • soiled or dirty paper like tissue paper and paper towels
  • pet food bags
  • shredded paper
  • disposable coffee/drink cups


  • styrofoam
  • chip bags, candy wrappers, food wrap
  • dirty plastic
  • bubble wrap, string
  • VHS tapes, CDs, records
  • dishes and cutlery
  • toys, wading pools
  • garden hoses
  • any plastics that aren't containers or plastic bags

Yard Waste

  • grass clippings - or leave them on your lawn as you mow
  • garden waste, brush, weeds


  • shoes, soiled worn-out clothing
  • floor sweepings, sawdust, vacuum cleaner bags
    (double bag)
  • pet feces/kitty litter (double bag)
  • ashes (double bag)


Include ONLY the items listed here in your recycling blue bag or bin.

Paper and cardboard

  • newspaper and inserts
  • magazines and catalogues
  • letters, envelopes, greeting cards, brochures, paper bags, non-foil gift wrap
  • writing and computer paper (not shredded)
  • paper egg cartons, paperbacks
  • cardboard boxes (flatten and remove packaging)
  • pizza boxes


  • any clean and dry container smaller than a basketball
    (shampoo, detergent, margarine, yogurt, etc.)
  • any plastic bag that is clean and dry (grocery bags, bread bags, dry cleaning bags)


  • clean metal food cans
  • clean aluminum trays and containers
Beverage containers
  • milk containers, juice boxes and cartons, beverage bottles and cans
  • Beverage containers can also be returned to Bottle Depots for deposit refunds


  • jars and bottles only

* All containers must be empty, clean and dry. Remove caps and lids and place in recycling blue bag or bin. Labels are OK.

For More Information


In Edmonton: 311

Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311

Email wasteman@edmonton.ca