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Building Great Neighbourhoods

What is Building Great Neighbourhoods?

Building Great Neighbourhoods

Great neighbourhoods are the building blocks of a great city, and the City of Edmonton is committed to building great neighbourhoods by investing taxpayer and utility rate dollars in reconstructing neighbourhoods to enhance their livability and longevity.

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Renewal Programs

Three programs contribue to Building Great Neighbourhoods:

Drainage Renewal Program

The Drainage Renewal Program is focused on the renewal and replacement of sanitary and storm sewers.

Neighbourhood Renewal Program

The Neighbourhood Renewal Program is focused on the renewal and rebuilding of roads, sidewalks, and street lights throughout the City.

Great Neighbourhoods Capital Program

The Great Neighbourhoods Capital Program improves the livablity of Edmonton's neighbourhoods by investing in community-identified projects.

How are Neighbourhoods Chosen?

Neighbourhoods are chosen based on selection criteria which involves a thorough assessment of the infrastructure, both above and below ground.

Public Involvement

The City meets with residents and property owners to clarify the renewal process, inform residents about their role in decision-making, and get feedback on design elements.

About the BGN Public Involvement Process

Reconstruction Schedules

2015 Neighbourhoods

2016 Neighbourhoods

2017 Neighbourhoods

For More Information

Building Great Neighbourhoods

Email buildinggreatneighbourhoods@edmonton.ca