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Stony Plain Road Streetscape from 149 Street to 158 Street

About the Project

Stony Plain Road Streetscape Improvements

Stony Plain Road is emerging as one of West Edmonton’s key destinations. In 2013, the City began streetscape improvements to help make Stony Plain Road more accessible, better designed and pedestrian-friendly.

Stony Plain Road streetscaping is a part of the City’s revitalization of Jasper Place, which includes turning Stony Plain Road into a mixed-use “main street” accessible by a variety of transportation modes.

The rehabilitation focused on Stony Plain Road between 149 Street and 158 Street, including the side streets up to the alley. Streetscape improvements will continue between 158 Street and 170 Street following the completion of the 149 Street to 158 Street phase.

Where We Are Today

Stony Plain Road Streetscape is now complete.


Spring 2013 - Fall 2014: 149 Street - 158 Street Construction (Stage 1)

Following Stage 1 Completion: 158 Street - 170 Street (Stage 2)

For More Information

Paul St. Arnaud

Telephone 780-944-5417