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Front Yards in Bloom

This recognition program is all about celebrating the efforts of our neighbours in beautifying Edmonton's neighbourhoods.

We received 4,221 nominations in 2015! Nominations for this season will be accepted beginning on Friday, May 20, 2016 using the nomination form.

Thank you to the countless volunteers who make this possible.

Volunteer with us!

Sign up now to either help deliver yellow signs or assist with yard judging in your community - why not try both?

Award Categories

Yards are nominated in one of 4 categories:

General Category

  • An appealing front yard that catches your eye, inspires smiles, and invites visitors to enjoy its beauty! 
  • May include a variety of plants, colours, textures, heights, decorations, and unique features. 
  • Yards should contain at least 25% flowering plants over the area - pots, containers, flowering trees, shrubs, mosses, and grasses are all included in this category.
  • Yards in the general category are judged by volunteer judges trained by the Edmonton Horticultural Society

Natural Front Yard

  • A yard with native plants that attract local wildlife such as birds, bees, butterflies, and other insects.
  • Although rocks and other features add to the texture of any yard, the yard should still contain the basic minimum of 25% plant life to be considered in any category.
  • As a guideline - of all the plants found in these yards, at least 60% must be native to Alberta.
  • Yards in the natural category are judged by the Edmonton Native Plant Group.

Edible Front Yard

  • A yard incorporating edible fruits, flowers, and leaves into the landscape design. Landscaping includes everything from vegetables and grains to fruiting trees, berry bushes, or even mushrooms.
  • As a guideline - of all the plants found in these yards, at least 60% must be edible.
  • Yards in the edible category are judged by Sustainable Food Edmonton.

Public Spaces

  • A yard or garden with landscaping features and aesthetic appeal in front of a public building. 
  • This space can be located in front of a school, business, office building, multi-unit residence, church, community league, or volunteer association. 
  • Yards in the public spaces category must be accompanied by a street address to qualify - no city parks/parkettes, median gardens and trees, boulevard plantings or shrub beds.
  • This category does not include community gardens. To nominate a community garden for an Edmonton in Bloom award, contact front.yards@edmonton.ca.
  • Yards in the public spaces category are judged by the Office of Great Neighbourhoods.

Basic Guidelines

  • Anyone can nominate someone else's front yard.
  • You can't nominate your own yard, but you can ask a friend or neighbour to nominate your yard.
  • Yards and gardens that are located in front of a residence or building.
  • Side and corner yards are also considered.
  • Front yards must be in full view from the sidewalk - not hidden with wooden fence or locked gates. Volunteers should be able to access the yard to place a sign.
  • Yards must contain at least 25% plants - while green lawns are quite common in Edmonton, we are placing signs only in yards other types of plants are visible and add beauty to the area.

Program Support

Winterscapes Program

Did you know that front yards are also celebrated in the winter? Check out the Front Yards in Bloom: Winterscapes program.

Edmonton in Bloom Newsletter

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