Compost 'S cool

Anyone can learn the basics of composting at the Compost Education Centre!

Everything you need to start composting is at our Compost 'S cool: where bins come to learn how to compost better.

You'll see various bins, tools, and methods on display, and learn about how each performs.  Try them out and find the one that works best for you.

During the summer, a Compost Coach is ready to answer your composting questions, give you a tour, let you try some different tools, and show you a few tricks.  You can even make a mini-worm bin to take home! Residents who pass the test may purchase a bin at a reduced cost.  HINT: The test answer is Greens, Browns, Water, Air

Cost: it's FREE to drop in.

Location: Between the John Janzen Nature Centre and Fort Edmonton. (map)

Staffed: 10am-4pm, weekends and holidays, Victoria Day to mid-August.  

School Programs

Teachers can invite the Compost Chef to their classroom for hands-on activities. Call 780-496-5404 to book the Garbage In, Compost Out program.

For More Information

Our staff and volunteers are ready to answer your questions or even visit your yard to help you compost better.

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