Master Composter Recycler Program

Community leaders in waste reduction

The Master Composter Recycler Program is a "learn n' serve" program.

  • Complete a FREE 40-hour training course
  • Learn about recycling, composting, grasscycling, and waste reduction
  • Take a FREE tour of the Edmonton Waste Management Centre
  • Volunteer at least 35 hours
  • Teach friends and neighbours how to reduce waste

Apply to be Master Composter Recycler

The deadline for 2016 applications has passed.
Applications are accepted year-round. Apply online, and you will be contacted later this year about volunteering in 2017.

What do Master Composter Recyclers do?

They promote the four Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover.

  • Show a neighbour how to grasscycle
  • Teach newcomers what to recycle
  • Help a family start a worm composter
  • Host a wasteless dinner party
  • Be a compost mentor at a community garden

For More Information

Rodney Al

Title Program Coordinator