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Youth Programs

YEGyouth - Youth DropIn Programs

Rising Youth

Rising Youth Programs Logo

Rising Youth Program

A City initiative that opens new doors for youth and gives them the opportunity to have fun and learn.

124 Youth Program

A positive, safe environment

Get involved in activities and recreation in the communities of Inglewood, Westmount, and Prince Charles.

Drop-In Sites

There are a variety of summer youth drop-in sites offering free programs.

Check out our drop-in sites

Free city wide drop in programs for youth ages 13-17.

Leaders in Training

Leaders In Training Logo

For youth ages 13-17 years

Develop leadership skills and gain valuable experience while having fun outdoors.

YEGyouth Events

Free special events held for youth every summer

Join us for some summer fun

Free city wide events for youth ages 13-17

For More Information

Youth Services and Programs



Email youth@edmonton.ca
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yegyouth
Twitter http://www.twitter.com/yegyouth