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My Property

Find out important information about your property through our easy to use online tool.


About the Service

All property in the City of Edmonton is assessed for property tax purposes on an annual basis. Property assessments are used to determine each property owner's share of the total property tax revenue required by the City.

Assessment notices are mailed to property owners early in January of each year. Assessments are based upon the market value of property on July 1 of the year previous to the taxation year.

If you have concerns about the assessment of your property you can call 311 to discuss it with an assessor. You have 60 days from the date the assessment notices are mailed to file a formal complaint with the Assessment Review Board.

How Do I Obtain the Service?

Enter your address into the online My Property Tool and find:

  • Your local ward
  • Councilors
  • Neighbourhood
  • Property tax assessment
  • Garbage collection schedule