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Property Assessment and Taxes

Each year, the City reviews how much money it takes to pay for municipal programs and services that are necessary to maintain and enhance Edmonton’s high standard of living.

This budget process allows City Council and Edmontonians to identify where the money is needed most and helps determine the budget to meet those needs. As part of this process, the City considers where the money to cover municipal programs and services comes from. One of the revenue streams for any municipality in Canada is property taxes.

Property taxes in Edmonton account for approximately half of all revenue that the City receives. They help pay for various municipal services such as

  • police and fire protection,
  • road maintenance and snow clearing,
  • parks and swimming pools,
  • public transit and neighborhood infrastructure.

To ensure that all Edmonton property owners pay their fair share of property taxes, the City follows the guidelines established by the provincial government and uses a property assessment process.

Ultimately, property assessment and taxes contribute to the financial stability of our community and support the quality of life Edmonton has become known for.

Property Assessment

Property Assessment

Assessing property value

Assessment helps determine fair share of taxes Edmonton property owners pay.

Property Taxes

Property taxes

Tax facts and more

From initial assessment to final calculation of your property taxes.

For Homeowners

Secure web site

Property-specific details

Verify information specific to your property through this password-protected site.

For Seniors

Tax assistance

Financial property tax assistance is available for seniors.

For more information:

Assessment Information

Telephone In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311
TTY 780-944-5555
Email assessment@edmonton.ca

Property Tax Information

Telephone In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311
TTY 780-944-5555
Email taxes@edmonton.ca