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Charles Camsell Hospital Property Update

The building located at 12804 – 114 Avenue was formally the Charles Camsell Hospital.  The hospital was built in 1967 and closed in 1996.  The Province of Alberta sold the property to architect Gene Dub and a group of investment partners in 2004.  In 2008, Dub and the Inglewood Community League reached an agreement to redevelop the property.  Since 2008, the property has sat largely undeveloped because of disputes between investors in the investment group. 

The City appreciates the community wants to see the property redeveloped.  The City of Edmonton’s Community Standards department has been working with Mr. Dub to address several bylaw concerns including:

  • graffiti
  • overgrown weeds, grass and shrubs
  • broken windows
  • loose litter
  • construction debris
  • un-secure fencing
  • improper garbage disposal

When necessary, the City has taken enforcement action to help continue the clean-up process and is currently examining other remedial options.  At this time however, the property is secure, structurally sound and bylaw issues are being dealt with.

Highlights of work done:

  • internal demolition has been completed on seven floors with two remaining
  • asbestos removed from two floors has been completed with seven floors remaining (asbestos removal can only be done in warmer temperatures so will resume in Spring 2013) zoning application has been submitted

We are encouraged by Mr. Dub’s recent willingness to cooperate and will continue to work with him to address property concerns. 


For more information:

Kaila Tipton

Title Community Liaison Officer