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Municipal Cemeteries

There are 7 municipal cemeteries within the Edmonton City limits and we encourage you to visit them throughout the seasons. Enjoy the peaceful paths, heritage monuments, commemorative markers, and glorious seasonal flora and fauna that adorn the meticulously groomed green spaces.

We are also the hub of your genealogy trivia! We have numerous recorded interments that are over 100 years old. We are the caretakers for many of the pioneers, entrepreneurs, and founders of the City.

The cemeteries celebrate all cultures, religions and traditions as we embrace the diversity of our heritage. Our commitment to care for you, your families and friends is forever.

The Care is Everlasting!

Construction at Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Outdoor Columbarium Construction Rendering

Outdoor Columbaria Construction

The City of Edmonton is beginning preparations in order to offer a new outdoor columbarium at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.


New Boundaries

Diagram of the new Clover Bar Cemetary Boundaries as a result of the Yellowhead Trail Re-alignment.

Clover Bar Cemetery Boundary Adjustment

To facilitate the re-alignment of the Yellowhead Trail.

Our Cemeteries

Our Cemeteries

Map and addresses of the 7 municipal cemeteries we care for.

Cemetery Master Plan

Learn More About the Cemetery Master Plan

The Master Plan will define the requirements for the future development of South Haven and Northern Lights Cemeteries.


Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Pre-planning takes the burden off your loved ones during a difficult time in their lives.

To Remember...

In Memory

Memorializing loved ones is a way to celebrate their lives. It provides a focal point to visit and remember.

For more information:

Our staff are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have at this difficult time.

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Email cemetery@edmonton.ca