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History of Waste Management in Edmonton

In just over 20 years Edmonton has travelled from a relatively simple waste management system to one of the most sophisticated in the world.

Learn about Edmonton's past and current leading edge waste practices.

Waste Management Milestones

   Year   Milestone
 early recyclers in front of collection vehicles   1986 Small pilot program tests the feasibility of curbside blue box recycling.
 carrying paint for disposal  1987 First annual Toxic Round-Up held to collect household hazardous wastes.
 smiling woman with a blue box  1988 Blue Box curbside recycling begins. By the end of the year the service is offered city-wide.
 Happy collector putting Christmas tree into truck  1990 Christmas tree recycling begins.
 recycling truck emptying recycle bin  1991 First community recycling depot opens. Today there are 20.
 Landfill Gas recovery facility  1992 Collection of landfill gas begins at Clover Bar Landfill as a fuel source for electricity.
 worker adding household hazardous waste to a drum  1995 First Eco Station for household hazardous waste opens. A second opens in 1999 and a third in 2009.
 mother and children bringing blue bags to curb  1999 Blue Bag curbside recycling program replaces the blue box program.
 workers sorting recyclables in the materials recovery facility  1999 Materials Recovery Facility opens to sort recyclables.
 workers in edmonton composting facility aeration bay  2000 Edmonton Composting Facility opens to compost residential waste.
 Elderly couple placing recycables into a blue bin  2002 Blue Bin recycling program initiated for townhouses, condos and apartments.
 City worker helping a resident unload a table from a truck  2006 Big Bin Events begin. This service allows for the free disposal of large waste items.
 Happy woman surrounded by reusable materials  2007 First permanent Reuse Centre opens.
 workers on sort line in GEEp e-waste recycling facility  2007 GEEP Electronics and Electrical Recycling Facility opens to recycle e-waste.
 Man unloading C&D waste from back of cube van  2008 Construction & demolition waste recycling begins at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.
 City worker taking garbage bags from man with a walker  2009 Assisted Waste Collection service begins.
 Outside of Ambleside Eco Station  2009 Ambleside Eco Station opens.
 Tractor trailer driving past Integrated Processing & Transfer Facility  2009 Integrated Processing & Transfer Facility begins operation at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.
 Artists rendering of Greys Recycling domes  2010 Construction begins on Greys Paper & Glass Recycling facility at Edmonton Waste Management Centre.
 Front load garbage truck emptying recycling dumpster in front of Boston Pizza  2010 Commercial Waste Management Services offered to businesses to increase recycling rates in the non-residential sector.
 Worker checking valve on tank in Advanced Energy Research Facility  2011 Advanced Energy Research Facility opens. This facility is home to leading research of alternative fuels technology.
 New waste and recycling facility for mixed C&D waste  2012 A new recycling facility for mixed construction and demolition (C&D) waste begins operation at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.
Waste-to-Biofuels Facility
 2014 A Waste-to-Biofuels and Chemicals Facility opens and begins operation. Once fully operational it will enable Edmonton to divert 90% of its residential waste from landfill.

For more information:


In Edmonton: 311

Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311

Email wasteman@edmonton.ca