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GEEP Electric and Electronic Waste Recycling Facility


Using cutting edge processes and equipment, the 45,000 square foot Global Electric and Electronic Processing Inc. (GEEP) facility processes more than 30,000 tonnes per year of old computers, televisions, and a wide range of electrical and electronic waste materials for recycling.

Processes and equipment used at the state of the art facility include:

  • Centrifugal Separation
  • Plastics Shredder
  • CRT Processing
  • Chain Shredder
  • De-Reeler
  • Baler

The facility is built and operated at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre by GEEP Alberta Inc – a subsidiary of GEEP Inc, an international e-waste recycler based in Barrie Ontario. It is the first e-waste recycling facility to be built by GEEP Inc in western Canada.

GEEP is a registered processor under Alberta's electronics program which is administered by Alberta Recycling Management Authority.

What can be recycled at GEEP?:

  • small kitchen appliances
  • audio and video equipment and televisions
  • personal care appliances (hair dryers, shavers, etc. )
  • other electrical household tools (vacuums, irons, floor polishers)
  • electrical power tools
  • telecommunications equipment – telephones, cell phones
  • computer and home office equipment
  • computer components
  • photocopiers, fax machines and similar office electronics
  • industrial electrical tools
  • specialty equipment containing electrical motors, switches and other components with material value

Where can I take my electronic and electric waste for recycling?