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Drainage Neighbourhood Renewal Program

The City of Edmonton's Drainage Neighbourhood Renewal Program is focused on the renewal and replacement of sanitary and storm sewers. This program works in combination with the Neighbourhood Renewal Program (focused on the renewal and rebuilding of roads, sidewalks, and streetlights) and the Great Neighbourhoods Capital Program (focused on improving the livability of Edmonton neighbourhoods) to renew the physical infrastructure of neighbourhoods and create vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods.

Drainage renewal work is delivered through the following methods:

  • Relining - involves 'cured-in-place' pipe material resulting in minimal disruption to pavement
  • Open Cut - requires significant disruption to pavement

The construction timing and type of work is determined based on the following considerations:

  • 1 to 2 years ahead of planned Transportation neighbourhood reconstruction to avoid disturbance of new roads
  • When sewers are in poor condition, even though roadway reconstruction is in satisfactory condition, to avoid interruption of drainage service to the public
  • In coordination with franchised utilities where possible, such as ATCO Gas and EPCOR, to minimize inconvenience to the public



2014 Drainage Neighbourhood Renewal

In 2014, the Drainage Neighbourhood Renewal Program will continue work in 15 neighbourhoods, begin work in 8 neighbourhoods, and is conducting CCTV in 7 neighbourhoods, investing a total of $27 million in 30 mature neighbourhoods. The work includes renewal or replacement of sanitary, storm and combined sewers.


 WARD 1 (1 project)   WARD 2 (3 projects)
 Canora          Dovercourt
 WARD 3 (1 project)  WARD 4 (1 project)
 Lorelei  Homesteader
 WARD 5 (2 projects)  WARD 6 (3 projects)
 Laurier Heights  Glenora
 Thorncliffe  McCauley
 WARD 7 (1 project)  WARD 8 (2 projects) 
 Cromdale  Terrace Heights
   Queen Alexandra
 WARD 11 (1 project)

 NEW NEIGHBOURHOODS IN 2014 (8 projects)

 WARD 2 (3 projects)  WARD 6 (2 projects)
 Lauderdale  Central McDougall
 Rosslyn  Queen Mary Park
 Spruce Avenue
 WARD 8 (2 projects)   WARD 10 (1 project)
 McKernan  Lansdowne


In 2014, Drainage Neighbourhood Renewal will be conducting CCTV (closed circuit television) investigations in the following neighbourhoods in order to prepare for construction in 2015 or 2016.

 WARD 3 (1 project)  WARD 6 (1 project)
 Kilkenny  Downtown
 WARD 7 (2 projects)   WARD 8 (2 projects)
 Bellevue   Garneau
 Beverly Heights  Strathern
 WARD 10 (1 project)
 Royal Garden

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