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Cigarette Litter Reduction

Edmonton smokers are taking more care when they finish their cigarettes. The 2013 Litter Audit of 122 city locations indicates a 29.4% drop in the number of butts dropped on the ground, compared to 2012. Auditors counted 556 butts per site in 2013. They found 788 butts last year and 961 in 2009.

Our Cigarette Butt Litter Education and Enforcement strategy is working. In 2013, City peace officers issued 33 warnings and 41 tickets to smokers who tossed their butts on the ground. At the same time, they also handed out complementary Tim Hortons coffee cards to smokers who properly disposed of their cigarettes.

Why are Cigarette Butts Harmful?

  • They contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
  • Fish, birds, and other animals mistake cigarette filters for food and are poisoned by them.
  • The chemicals from tossed butts leach into our water system.
  • They are not biodegradable and can take 1-12 years to break down.
  • They leave the impression that Edmontonians don't care about the cleanliness of our city.
Discarding cigarette butts on the ground is littering and subject to a $250 fine under Bylaw 14614. Please dispose of your butts responsibly.

The Outdoor Ashtray Program Outdoor ashtray

Working with Edmonton Business Revitalization Zones, the City empties and maintains outdoor ashtrays that it has installed in the following commercial districts:

  • 104 Street Downtown
  • 107 Avenue
  • 124 Street
  • Alberta Avenue
  • Chinatown / Little Italy
  • Jasper Avenue
  • Stony Plain Road
  • Whyte Avenue

Universal symbols at each location clearly define the purpose of these public ashtrays. Private property owners may purchase and install these ashtrays on their property. For further information, call 780-944-5470.

Help us maintain our Outdoor Ashtrays

If an outdoor ashtray is full or needs servicing, please note its unit number on the upper left corner of the sign located above the ashtray. Dial 780-944-5470 with the unit number and details about what's wrong. The City will service the unit as soon as possible.


CCCU Personal Pocket Ashtrays

The CCCU personal pocket ashtrays are easy to use. Simply slide the back open and use the metal tray inside to butt out and collect your butts. The City of Edmonton will be distributing these handy containers throughout the summer at city festivals, major events and City Hall, Main Floor.

Empty the butts into a garbage can and reuse the ashtray again and again.

What Else Can I Do?

Empty 35-mm film containers make great portable ashtrays and allow you to dispose of butts responsibly. Simply drop, cap and shake!

Inexpensive portable car or patio ashtrays are available at most local dollar stores. If your local store does not carry them, be sure to ask them to bring them in.

If you wish to quit smoking, contact Smokers' Hotline at 1-866-332-2322 or visit Alberta Quits for more information.

For more information:

Capital City Clean Up

City of Edmonton
Beaufort Building
2nd Fl, 10835 – 120 Street
Edmonton, AB T5H 3P9

If you need high quality images of any of our posters, contact our office.


For Capital City Clean Up program inquiries, call 780-944-5470

To report litter, graffiti vandalism or discarded needles dial 311 (or 780-442-5311)

Fax 780-498-7098
Email capitalcitycleanup@edmonton.ca