Welcome to CITYlab!

CITYlab uses placemaking as a tool to engage in conversation about how cities evolve, to connect people to place and to each other, to learn by testing or piloting innovative ideas and to highlight City planning goals. We are a small unit within the new City Planning Branch

For us placemaking means (re)activating Edmonton’s shared public spaces to deepen our connections to place and to each other. 

What's next for CITYlab?

Jasper Place Bike Racks Pilot Project

CITYlab, Sustainable Transportation, Stony Plain BRZ and Jasper Place Revitalization are collaborating with Jasper Place High School to pilot bike racks on Stony Plain Road! The bike racks were designed and created exclusively by students.

A small ceremony to celebrate the collaboration and unveil the installation will take place on: 

Wednesday, June 15th at 2:30pm 

157 St and Stony Plain Rd (in front of Bulter Memorial Park)

The first bike to be locked up will be performed by a special guest! 

Bike racks will also be installed at: 155 St and Stoney Plain Rd and at Jasper Place High School.

Let's Talk Parks - Thursday, June 16th 

Noon Event: 12:00 - 1:00pm

Evening Event: 5:30pm; Talk at 6:00pm

City Hall - 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

See what else CITYlab is working on!

Great Ideas. Great City.

The City's Great Ideas. Great City. speaker series invites Edmontonians to explore inspiring ideas that help shape a great city. It's the start of a city-building conversation with people who love their city, care about the challenges we face, and are willing to share their passion, insights and perspectives.

We will be bringing in speakers who may not be the technical experts, but will be people who care about cities, who have given a great deal of thought to the issue at hand, who can provoke us to think differently, and who have their own experiences to share.

Completed Projects

World Town Planning Day
The Alberta Professional Planners Institute, in collaboration with CITYlab hosted a free viewing of the documentary, Urbanized at Metro Cinema.

PARK(ing) Day
The Drawing Room, in collaboration with CITYlab and the City-Region Studies Centre, invited people to transform metered parking stalls into tiny temporary parks.

Placemaking at Clareview
CITYlab and Transportation animated the space at the Clareview LRT Station and engaged transit riders on the City's Transit Strategy, What Moves You?

Whyte Ave Alley
CITYlab animated an alley off Whyte Ave and gathered feedback for a future pedestrian plaza.

Together with Make Something Edmonton, placemaking experiments were staged across the city.

CITYChalk - Let's chalk about your Edmonton
Artist, Jennifer Poburan, contributed an impressive collage along with the many people who stopped to chalk about Edmonton!

Pride and Placemaking
The rainbow crosswalks pilot has been extended. The rainbow crosswalks will remain in place for the rest of the summer.

106 Fest
A collaborative event led by QA Crossroads involving the communities of Strathcona, Queen Alexandra, Allendale, Pleasantview and Empire Park

The Postcard Project
CITYlab’s launch and introduction.

Meet our Friends

We are always looking to work collaboratively with other groups in Edmonton. Lots of people are doing great things.
Here are some of them:

Are you a group in the city working on interesting urban planning and placemaking projects or activities?
Get in touch with us at citylab@edmonton.ca

Project Criteria

We want to collaborate on placemaking and urban planning projects and activities. Sometimes we’ll lead, sometimes we’ll support, but we’re always looking to partner and make new friends.

We want to try new things and take small risks with you. We'll help refine and implement your ideas and can provide resources, materials and a few helping hands.

We’re a small but mighty team. We don’t have the capacity to take on every project that we receive. We will evaluate all project submissions based on the following criteria:

Spark conversations about urban planning

Does the project get people talking about urban planning?
Does it relate to an urban planning idea, challenge or opportunity?

Involve collaboration

Does the project connect people and build relationships in creative ways?

Demonstrate creativity and experimentation

Is the project innovative?
Does it test something new?
Can we learn from it?

Can be easily implemented

Is the project feasible?
Is it easy to set-up and take down?

Activate and animate

Does the project fit in a parking spot (or lot), vacant space or on a wall (for example)?
Is it small-scale?

Submit a project

We are reviewing project submissions on an ongoing basis.

For More Information


Submit a project

Email citylab@edmonton.ca
Twitter http://twitter.com/PlanEdmonton