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Transit Oriented Development


Bringing People Together and Transforming Our City

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is an exciting approach to building a city that can help to achieve Edmonton’s vision of a more compact, transit-oriented, and sustainable city, where more people walk, cycle, and use transit than they do today.

It integrates transportation, land use, and development by concentrating housing, shopping, and employment along a network of walkable and bikeable streets within a five-minute walk in any direction of a transit station (approximately 400 metres).

Done properly, over the next 30 years, TOD has the potential to transform neighbourhoods around LRT stations and Transit Centres into vibrant hubs of mixed-use activity that bring people together.

How TOD can benefit residents:

  • Increased transportation choices
  • Fewer and shorter auto trips
  • Lower personal transportation costs
  • Easy access to daily needs
  • Improved health through increased physical activity

How TOD can transform the city:

  • Increased transit ridership and revenue
  • More efficient use of infrastructure like LRT, sewers and other services
  • Reduced air pollution and energy use
  • Revitalization of neighbourhoods

TOD in Edmonton

A number of initiatives related to TOD are underway:

TOD Guidelines
In February 2012, City Council approved guidelines to encourage transit-oriented development. The guidelines apply to development proposals and infrastructure upgrades within 400 metres of a transit station.

McKernan-Belgravia Station Area Redevelopment Plan
A station area plan for the area near the McKernan/Belgravia LRT Station.

Mill Woods Station Area Redevelopment Plan
A station area plan for the area around the future Mill Woods LRT Station.

Stadium Station
Ongoing implementation plans and council funding.

Blatchford Redevelopment
Planning for a major, world-class redevelopment along the future Northwest LRT line.

Station Pointe
A City-initiated transit-oriented development adjacent to Belvedere Station.

TOD Planning Academy Course
An engaging session for members of the public to learn more about transit-oriented development - and practise doing some of it!

For More Information

Larry Ksionzyk

Title Principal Planner


Email larry.ksionzyk@edmonton.ca

Erik Backstrom

Title Senior Planner


Email erik.backstrom@edmonton.ca