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Surplus School Sites

Meeting Edmonton's current and future needs

When new neighbourhoods are planned, land is set in reserve to meet the anticipated future need for schools and open space. This land is serviced and made ready for development.

Later, if a school board determines that land originally set aside for a school is no longer needed, the school board may declare it surplus. (For more information about the school planning process, see School Land Use Planning).

Re-purposing Surplus School Sites

Once the City acquires the surplus land, administration considers various options to re-purpose the site, now referred to as an “undeveloped building site.” A new use is determined through a defined process.

Since 2006, the City of Edmonton has acquired 40 surplus school sites. New uses on 31 of these sites have been approved. Administration is currently developing recommendations for remaining undeveloped building sites the City has acquired.

Surplus School Site Signs

In May 2014, City Council directed administration to place signs on surplus school building sites that distinguish school building sites from adjacent open space.

View an example of one of these signs.

Administration has worked with staff and community leagues to prepare a sign template for all surplus school sites. The City also created a process to share design details with each community and inform the community leadership prior to installation of the signs.

Sign installation began August 21, 2014.

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Current Programs

First Place Program

In 2006 the City launched the First Place Homebuyers Program. This program has helped first-time homebuyers purchase homes at market-affordable prices, filling a recognized need for entry-level housing in the city.

Seniors’ Housing Initiative

In 2009 the City acquired an additional 20 undeveloped school building sites declared surplus by local school boards. City Council has approved eight as suitable for future seniors’ housing.

Future Initiatives

Remaining Sites (TBD)

City administration is currently evaluating a variety of considerations for the remaining sites that will ultimately determine recommendations for City Council’s review and decision.

For more information:

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Surplus School Sites

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