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Stadium Station Transit Oriented Development Project

The City is undertaking a new generation of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) planning that will move the Stadium LRT station area forward in exciting new directions. TOD at the Stadium LRT station will help the City become more compact and sustainable, make better use of existing infrastructure, and best of all, be very attractive to future residents.

Photo of possible future pedestrian and cyclist friendly street.

Possible Future Conditions: new pedestrian and cyclist friendly street 

Project Overview

The project will extend ongoing revitalization north from The Quarters Downtown, offering increased vibrancy and safety within the framework of a new Stadium Station Area Redevelopment Plan that is currently under preparation.

One of the major components of the new plan will be a ‘main street’ running east-west across the LRT tracks just south of Stadium Station. This 'main street' will create a gateway through to Jasper Avenue, connecting new and existing housing with the LRT, Commonwealth Stadium, Community Recreation Centre, the river valley and Kinnard Ravine.

The City is taking a collaborative approach with the development industry, and is in the process of entering into a cost sharing agreement with a developer in the area (Brookfield Residential) for the ‘main street’ and other public infrastructure required to support the vision for TOD adjacent to the station. The cost-sharing agreement with Brookfield Residential represents significant progress in the area’s transformation from an underutilized industrial area into a smart, walkable transit oriented community that will help catalyze development of adjacent properties, and make vital connections for residents and businesses.

The Brookfield development will also create economic benefit for the City. Colliers International Consulting estimates it will generate almost $29 million in municipal property taxes during the development period plus residential property taxes of $4.55 million annually after completion.

Careful consideration is being given to ensure both the cost-sharing agreement and Brookfield’s development application align with the vision, objectives and policies of the new Stadium Station ARP.

Project Timeline

Spring 2016

Target date for the new Stadium Station Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) to go to City Council Public Hearing for adoption. The new plan will apply to the overall Stadium area, and adopting the plan will require amendments to the existing ARPs that apply to the Boyle Street, Cromdale, Parkdale, and McCauley neighbourhoods.

January 2016

Public consultation to gather input from residents and businesses before the revised Stadium Station ARP goes to City Council Public Hearing.

December 14, 2015

Target date for the proposed rezoning of the parcel of land owned by Brookfield Residential on the east side of the LRT tracks known as the Muttart site.

November 10, 2015

Administration presents a report to Executive Committee seeking approval of a cost-sharing agreement between the City of Edmonton and Brookfield Residential for public infrastructure related to the implementation of transit oriented development in the Stadium LRT Station area.

October 8, 2015

The City hosts a public meeting to give residents and businesses the opportunity to provide feedback on Brookfield Residential’s application to rezone the Muttart site. The proposed rezoning is to accommodate a transit oriented community consisting of mixed density residential and neighborhood commercial buildings ranging from 14 to 120 metres tall, and two pocket parks.

October 6, 2015

Administration presents a report to Executive Committee providing an update on efforts to implement TOD in the Stadium Station area, and The Quarters Community Revitalization Levy (CRL).

December 2014

Council allocates $14.127 million ($5 million from the Quarters CRL and $9.127 million in pay-as-you-go funds) towards the construction of infrastructure in the area. Expenditure of the funds is subject to a report to Executive Committee giving a financial update on the project, including the cost-sharing arrangement with Brookfield Residential.

July 2, 2014

Executive Committee passes a motion directing Administration to:

  • negotiate a cost sharing arrangement with the prospective ownersof the Muttart site for public infrastructure required to support TOD in the area.
  • prepare an updated Station Area Redevelopment Plan for future consideration at a City Council Public Hearing.

August 22, 2012

Executive Committee discusses a variety of options for TOD in the Stadium Station area.

Public Engagement

As the Stadium Station ARP is prepared for Public Hearing, there will be opportunities for the public to provide input into the planning process. This page will be updated with information regarding community participation as it becomes available.

What is Transit Oriented Development?

TOD is urban development that is planned and integrated with an LRT station at its core. Housing, shopping and employment are concentrated in a walkable and bikeable community within 400 meters - a five-minute walk in any direction - of the transit station.

What is an Area Redevelopment Plan?

An ARP is a statutory planning document for mature neighbourhoods. The Stadium Station ARP is a tool that will help guide growth and change around the LRT station over the next 15-20 years.

For more information:

Larry Ksionzyk

Title Principal Planner


Email larry.ksionzyk@edmonton.ca

Erik Backstrom

Title Senior Planner


Email erik.backstrom@edmonton.ca