The Proposal

The City of Edmonton is proposing to annex land in Leduc County and the Town of Beaumont.

There are two annexation proposals: 12,050 hectares (29,775 acres), west of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway and 3,900 hectares (9,635 acres) east of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway for a total of 16,000 hectares.

On April 14, 2015, Edmonton City Council approved a minor update to its notice of intent to annex additional lands east of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway.

Four quarter sections (approximately 260 hectares) of land were added to the original proposal bringing the proposed southeast application from 3,625 hectares to 3,945 hectares.

Map of proposed Lands to be Annexed Southeast April 15 2015              Map of proposed Lands to be Annexed Southeast March 5 2013

Proposed Southeast area to be annexed April 15, 2015 Proposed Southeast area to be annexed March 5, 2013

Strong Edmonton, Strong Region

Edmonton is projected to grow to 2.1 million people by 2064. 

In order to continue to provide the foundation for the region to prosper, we must extend our boundaries to responsibly manage future growth, facilitate sustainable development, and extend infrastructure in a cost-efficient way.

Room to Grow

Edmonton is quickly running out of room to grow. This is especially true for industrial lands but also true for residential development where Edmonton provides 70% of the region’s housing options.

Not having enough land to meet demand can have significant impacts on land costs, housing affordability and job creation. Annexation will help bolster the economy and regional vibrancy. To learn more about the growth challenges faced by the City, read The Case for Annexation. 

Building Up, In and Out 

Edmonton takes a sustainable and balanced approach to accommodate growth by building Up, In and Out.

We are building “Up” by constructing new high rise condos and office towers and we are building “In” by adding density in and around older neighbourhoods by encouraging infill development.

We also need to build “Out” to accommodate new industrial and residential development.

Capital Region Growth Plan

The Capital Region Growth Plan identifies most of the land proposed for annexation as a Priority Growth Area or future urban development.

Edmonton has the capacity, experience and existing infrastructure and municipal services to develop these lands to an urban standard that will meet or exceed the objectives and density targets of the Capital Region Growth Plan.

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