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Naming Committee

Naming Announcements

Edmonton's First Female Bus Driver Honoured

Kathleen Andrews, Edmonton's first female bus driver, driving a bus in Edmonton.

Edmonton's first female bus driver, Kathleen Andrews, has been honoured.  "Kathleen Andrews Garage", a City of Edmonton transit garage, will be located on Fort Road, north of Yellowhead Trail.  Andrews Loop, Gate, and Way are three roads in the Ambleside Neighbourhood that have also been named in her honour.

Kathleen Andrews Garage
Andrews Loop, Gate, Way

Light Horse Park

The South Alberta Light Horse (SALH) is a pan-Albertan regiment, with squadrons in Medicine Hat and Edmonton. The B Squadron SALH is located in the Brigadier James Curry Jefferson Armoury in Edmonton with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. The SALH is an armoured reconnaissance regiment and part of the Canadian Army Primary Reserve. The SALH has existed historically in various forms since the Northwest Rebellion of 1885. With the advent of the Land Force Reserve restructuring project, the South Alberta Light Horse returned to its reconnaissance roots in 2004. 

The naming of Light Horse Park will honour the current day South Light Horse, and all that have and continue to serve in that unit.

Read more about Light Horse here.

Alexander Decoteau Honoured

Alexander Decoteau, 1912. (CEA EA-1-2072)

Decoteau Trail was approved in 1971 to honour Alexander (Alex) Decoteau, an Olympic athlete and Canada's first Aboriginal police officer. Though this trail has honoured his name for years, and more recently, Decoteau Way in the Griesbach neighbourhood was named to pay tribute to his service with the Canadian Army, many believed that this devoted Edmontonian was deserving of something more. The story of Alex Decoteau's incredible life needed to be celebrated.

The Naming Committee received an overwhelming amount of support to honour Alex Decoteau's contributions to Canadian heritage, including letters written by grade 5/6 students at Patricia Heights School after a recent visit to Fort Edmonton Park, where the class learned of Alex Decoteau's many accomplishments. Further support was obtained from Alex Decoteau's grand niece.

"Students from Patricia Heights approached us after learning about Alex Decoteau, wanting us to find a way to honour his legacy. The downtown community and Edmonton Police Services got behind the idea, and we are excited to be honouring him through this park."
- Jeff Nachtigall, Naming Committee Chair

"Edmonton has a rich aboriginal history and it is fitting that a park in the heart of our city is named for Alex Decoteau, who was a remarkable Edmontonian. Parks bring a sense of community as a place to gather and relax. As an important space, it deserves a notable name and I applaud those who helped make this happen."
- Mayor Don Iveson

In recognition of this admirable man and the much deserved support to honour his name, the Naming Committee has approved:

Alex Decoteau Park
Alex Decoteau Park is located at 10204 - 105 Street NW in the heart of Edmonton's Downtown neighbourhood. As sergeant of the West End Police Office in 1914, he protected the streets of what is currently known as the Warehouse District (105 Street NW to 109 Street NW) in the Downtown neighbourhood. There is a plan in place to commemorate the life of Alex Decoteau in this public park space. 

Edmonton Artist Honoured

Kostash Drive

Hemophilia Advocate Honoured

Ken Poyser Park

Neighbourhood Naming Complete for Big Lake and Meadows 

The neighbourhood names of Kinglet Gardens and Pintail Landing now complete the Big Lake ASP. Big Lake contains a naming theme of "Native Bird Species of the Big Lake Natural Area".

The final neighbourhood within the Meadows ASP has been named Aster. The theme for this ASP is "Trees, Flowers, and Plants Native to Alberta".

Pioneer Bush Pilot Honoured 

Frank Victor Burton Field

For more naming approvals, please visit our approvals page.

Naming Committee Process

The Naming Committee approves names for municipal facilities, new neighbourhoods, parks and roads. This involves input from both City administration and citizens. The Naming Committee has seven members appointed by City Council; including six citizens at large, and one representative from the Edmonton Historical Board.

The Current Planning Branch, part of the Sustainable Development Department, provides administrative services to the Naming Committee in the form of:

  • Researching names
  • Maintaining an inventory of names to be used in the future
  • Receiving requests from the public for names to be honoured
  • Creating and providing agendas to the Committee

Typically, the Naming Committee meets every third Tuesday of the month, depending on volume of applications.


This is the Process for naming neighbourhoods, roads, parks and other municipal facilities.

This is the City Policy C509A for naming neighbourhoods, roads, parks and other municipal facilities.

Please use the Application Form to recommend a name for neighbourhoods, roads, parks and other municipal facilities.

Agendas and Minutes
Agendas and Minutes are available here.

For more information:

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