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Naming Committee

Naming Announcements

Southeast LRT (Valley Line) Names Approved

Component Official Name
Bridges  Tawatinâ Bridge  [Ta-wa-ti-nâ]    
*Meaning "Valley" in Cree.

Kâhasinîskâk Bridge  [Kâ-(h)a-si-nî-skâk]    
*Historical Cree reference to "Mill Creek".
OMF Gerry Wright Operations and Maintenance Facility
Stops 102 Street Stop
Churchill Stop
Quarters Stop
Muttart Stop
Strathearn Stop
Holyrood Stop
Bonnie Doon Stop
Avonmore Stop
Millbourne/Woodvale Stop
Grey Nuns Stop
Mill Woods Town Centre Stop
Station Davies Station

The Stops, Stations, Bridges, and Facilities on the West portion of the Valley Line LRT will not be given official names until funding is in place and a construction timeline is known.

Edmontonians of the Century Honoured

Winnifred Stewart Park
Sister Mary Ann Casey Park
Bettie Hewes Pond
Gerry Wright Operations and Maintenance Facility

Former Mayor Honoured

James McCrie Douglas Park 

For more naming approvals, please visit our approvals page.

Naming Committee Process

The Naming Committee approves names for municipal facilities, new neighbourhoods, parks and roads. This involves input from both City administration and citizens. The Naming Committee has seven members appointed by City Council; including six citizens at large, and one representative from the Edmonton Historical Board.

The Current Planning Branch, part of the Sustainable Development Department, provides administrative services to the Naming Committee in the form of:

  • Researching names
  • Maintaining an inventory of names to be used in the future
  • Receiving requests from the public for names to be honoured
  • Creating and providing agendas to the Committee

Typically, the Naming Committee meets every third Tuesday of the month, depending on volume of applications.


This is the Process for naming neighbourhoods, roads, parks and other municipal facilities.

This is the City Policy C509A for naming neighbourhoods, roads, parks and other municipal facilities.

Please use the Application Form to recommend a name for neighbourhoods, roads, parks and other municipal facilities.

Agendas and Minutes
Agendas and Minutes are available here.

For more information:

Cory Sousa

City of Edmonton
Sustainable Development
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10250-101 Street
Edmonton, AB   T5J 3P4

Title City Planner
Telephone 780-496-6226
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