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Evolving Infill

Evolving Infill graphic

It’s time to get started on the 23 actions in Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap! We’re excited to work together with our partners to help our city grow.

Work has begun on the eight actions identified as priorities in the Roadmap. All 23 actions will be started within the next two years.

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Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap

Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap is the result of an eight month city-wide conversation about infill and neighbourhood change. It consists of 23 actions to support more and better infill in our mature and established neighbourhoods.

The Roadmap was presented to Executive Committee for information on August 19, 2014. The City has committed to starting all 23 of the actions within the next two years.

What’s New?

We have begun working on an elective course for Planning Academy. This is Action 9 in Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap. We anticipate that this course will be available for early 2015. Stay tuned for more details and information on how to register!

For those of you eager to start building infill, we anticipate changes to permit more garage and garden suites (Action 14) and to allow the subdivision of RF1 lots (Action 15) to be made for early 2015. Actions 14 and 15 are two of the eight priority actions identified in the Infill Roadmap.

For more information:

Evolving Infill Project

Telephone 780-496-5401
Email evolvinginfill@edmonton.ca