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Evolving Infill

Evolving Infill graphic

Infill is important to building a sustainable city, and the City of Edmonton recognizes the need to support more and better residential infill.

The Evolving Infill team has expanded to include partners across the City of Edmonton, and we are hard at work implementing the 23 actions in Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap. The City has committed to starting all 23 of the actions within the next two years.

Get the skinny on narrow lots

We heard from more than 1,000 Edmontonians who shared different ideas related to residential infill in our city. One strong theme is to support the subdivision of Single Detached Residential (RF1) Zone properties into two ‘narrow’ lots. There are currently 54,833 RF1 lots that could potentially be subdivided in these mature and established neighbourhoods. To share information about these lot locations, the City has created neighbourhood maps of RF1 lots greater than 50 feet wide.

City Council will be considering a change to the Zoning Bylaw (to allow the subdivision of 50 foot lots in the RF1 zone) in April, 2015. RF1 lot subdivision is one of the actions in Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap.

View your neighbourhood

To view these maps, click on one (we recommend using Internet Explorer).

Once the pdf is open, click on your neighbourhood name to open the related RF1 narrow lot map.

This may take a few seconds to load.


Central Maps


North West Maps


North East Maps


South West Maps


South East Maps

NOTE: The neighbourhood-level maps linked with each pdf are intended to visually demonstrate the location and proportion of RF1 lot subdivision potential. These maps are a guide and should not substitute a formal planning inquiry. There are many variables and factors that should be considered in detail and which have not been accounted for here. If the subdivision of 50 foot lots is permitted (pending City Council decision) and you are interested in subdividing your lot, or want more information on a specific property, please contact 311.

Start Talking Infill

Action 7 in Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap is to provide tools and resources to make infill easier to talk about. The Infill Conversation Toolkit (updated March 12, 2015) will help you organize and run your own infill talk. It includes tips for facilitating and participating in conversations and activities about infill in your neighbourhood.


Executive Committee moved to have administration prepare bylaw amendments to allow for more garage and garden suites (Action 14) and narrower lots throughout RF1 neighbourhoods (Action 15), which will come back to City Council Public Hearing in April, 2015. Actions 14 and 15 are two of the eight priority actions identified in the Infill Roadmap.

For more information:

Evolving Infill Project

Telephone 780-496-5401
Email evolvinginfill@edmonton.ca