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Evolving Infill

Evolving Infill graphic

Infill is important to building a sustainable city, and the City of Edmonton recognizes the need to support more and better residential infill.

The Evolving Infill team has expanded to include partners across the City of Edmonton, and we are hard at work implementing the 23 actions in Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap. The City has committed to starting all 23 of the actions within the next two years.

Community Infill Panel launches

From more than sixty applications, thirteen members have been chosen to sit on the City’s Community Infill Panel. The panel will bring a broad range of perspectives, ideas and experiences into infill issues.

The Community Infill Panel is a volunteer advisory committee comprised of a diverse group passionate about neighbourhood change in Edmonton. Members include residents at large, community league representation and individuals from the development industry. 

The panel is related to action 6 in the Infill Roadmap. To learn more about the Community Infill Panel's mandate and meeting frequency, read the Terms of Reference.

Innovation in Sustainability

Take a peek inside Kelsi and Myke Badry’s infill home and discover why they are so in love with their neighbourhood, house and new lifestyle. 

This video is one in a series that showcase Edmontonians sharing their stories about how they are living the City’s “The Way We Green” initiatives

Update to Development Notification Letters

The City of Edmonton will start sending out plain-language development permit notification letters on October 20, 2015. The letter uses plain language, a visual aid with common zoning bylaw terms, explains what is outside the bylaw and how people can appeal.

The notification letters have been the subject of two public surveys, with the City incorporating the feedback to ensure the letters are clear and understandable. These letters, which are legal requirements, are used to inform residents of nearby proposed developments, provide information on the appeal process and provide a City contact for more information. Download the sample letter.

The notification letter update is part of action 19 in the Infill Roadmap. The actions relate to how the City communicates and how we build knowledge and work together.

Lot grading plan submission changes

Beginning October 1, 2015, a Lot Grading plan will be required at the time of submission of a Development Permit Application for construction of Single Detached, Semi Detached, and Duplex Dwellings in mature and established neighbourhoods.

This will allow the Development Permit and Lot Grading Plan processes to run at the same time, providing important information upfront to facilitate quicker review and approval times. Review the requirements of an infill lot grading plan.

This process change is intended to support infill activities by ensuring positive drainage patterns and mitigating impacts for neighbouring lots. 

Infill Roadmap Progress Report

The Infill Roadmap Progress Report identifies what work has been done so far and what Actions still need to be addressed in the two year Roadmap. 

Out of the 23 actions, 11 are complete – including seven of the eight priority actions! This includes the Good Neighbour Guide (Action 5), adding an infill course to Planning Academy (Action 9), and changes to the Zoning Bylaw that make it easier to build narrow lot houses, garage suites and garden suites (Actions 14 and 15).

Download the Infill Roadmap Progress Report for more details.

For more information:

Evolving Infill

Telephone 311
Email evolvinginfill@edmonton.ca