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Evolving Infill

Evolving Infill graphic

Infill is important to building a balanced and sustainable city, and the City of Edmonton recognizes the need to support more and better residential infill.

The City of Edmonton is hard at work implementing the 23 actions in Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap, and has committed to starting all 23 of the actions within the next two years.

New Development Permit Notification Signs

As of April 1, 2016, new development permit notification signs will be required on the sites of all new residential construction in mature and established neighbourhoods. 

Development permit applicants will be responsible for manufacturing, posting, and maintaining the signs, which will be generated from a City-approved template and include: 
  • contact information for contractor, development permit holder and/or landowner
  • the site address
  • a brief plain-language description and/or graphic of what has been approved
  • the City file number
  • contact information for 311
The mandatory signs must be posted in close proximity to the sidewalk within 14 days of the issuance of a valid development permit and remain posted until final occupancy is granted by the City. 
The signs are action 4 on Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap.

Community Infill Panel launches

The Community Infill Panel is a volunteer advisory committee comprised of a diverse group passionate about neighbourhood change in Edmonton. Members include residents at large, community league representation and individuals from the development industry. 

Lot grading plan submission changes

Lot Grading plans are now required at the time of submission of a Development Permit Application for construction of Single Detached, Semi Detached, and Duplex Dwellings in mature and established neighbourhoods.

This process change is intended to support infill activities by ensuring positive drainage patterns and mitigating impacts for neighbouring lots. 

Review the requirements of an infill lot grading plan.

Download the Infill Roadmap Progress Report for more details.

RF1 Eligible Subdivision Maps


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For more information:

Evolving Infill

Telephone 311
Email evolvinginfill@edmonton.ca