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Arts-related Uses

A review of the Zoning Bylaw is underway to identify opportunities that may help stimulate development of space for arts programming and activities, including space where artists can both live and work.

The initiative supports the Art of Living Implementation Plan which was approved by City Council in September 2008, and represents a 10-year cultural plan to secure the future of arts and heritage in Edmonton.

Draft Regulations

There are amendments to the Zoning Bylaw being considered that include changes to use classes and regulations, as well as the addition of some arts-related use classes to a broader set of commercial zones, and some industrial zones. Significant proposed changes include:

  • Changing the definitions for Major Secondhand Stores to Pawn Stores, and Minor Secondhand Stores to Secondhand Stores. Pawn Stores will refer only to goods sold in pawn, and Secondhand Stores will refer to the retail or consignment sale of used goods.
  • Amending the definition and regulations for Live Work Units, in order to further differentiate Live Work Units and Home Based Businesses.
  • Renaming Custom Manufacturing Establishments to "Creation and Production Studio."
  • Adding additional uses to numerous commercial and industrial zones.

Project Stage

This project is in the council decision stage of the text amendment process. City Council approved the proposed amendments (Bylaw 16224) on September 10, 2011.

If you have any questions on the approved amendments, please submit them to chelsey.jersak@edmonton.ca.

For more information:

Chelsey Jersak

Title Planner, Zoning Bylaw Implementation


Fax 780-496-6054
Email chelsey.jersak@edmonton.ca
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