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West Rossdale : Urban Design Plan

West Rossdale Urban Design Plan

Purpose of the Plan

Approved in 2011, the West Rossdale Urban Design Plan establishes a shared, long-­term vision for this significant river valley neighbourhood.

The plan addresses future land uses, streetscape concepts, design guidelines and a servicing upgrade plan for the area. An important aspect of the plan is acknowledging Rossdale's historical and archaeological significance, as well as its special location within the river valley and its position as a major entrance way to downtown. Also key to the area’s future are new housing, parks and commercial opportunities.

A high quality of design excellence and attention to the look and feel of parks, streets, squares, trails and buildings will contribute to the area's future success and help to build a vibrant community.

The vision for West Rossdale is a key part of the overarching vision for River Crossing. As the vision for River Crossing is further confirmed and refined, the Urban Design Plan for West Rossdale may be revisited.

Key direction from the Urban Design Plan is captured in the Rossdale Area Redevelopment Plan as well as the City’s Zoning Bylaw.


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Rob Marchak

Title Director of Strategic Projects