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Construction will begin on the infrastructure for this redevelopment in late 2013 or in 2014.


Detailed engineering designs for the infrastructure will be prepared for phase I of the development.



Targeted completion of the Perkins + Will contract with the deliverables being:

  • a completed Master Plan in the form of an Area Redevelopment Plan, including all technical reports associated with it;
  • the communication of the proposed phasing for the development;
  • the zoning for the properties in Phase I
  • a book on the blueprint of the process of this redevelopment, which will benefit future developments. 


Second round of public consultation workshops are scheduled for February 13, 15 and 16.



Public consultation workshops on the City Centre land redevelopment begin. 


City signs formal contract with Perkins + Will for developing a master plan for City Centre redevelopment. 


City of Edmonton announces that Perkins + Will, from Vancouver, BC, is the choice to develop a master plan for City Centre redevelopment. 


City unveils the five conceptual designs for the master plan for the City Centre Redevelopment project. The public has opportunities online and in person to view and comment on the conceptual designs.



The City Clerk rules that the Envision Edmonton petition did not meet the Province of Alberta legislated requirements to compel City Council to put its question to Edmonton voters on the fall civic election vote.


5 design firms: Sweco International AB, Stockholm, Sweden; Perkins + Will, Vancouver, Canada; KCAP Architects & Planners from Rotterdam, Netherlands; BNIM, from Kansas City, USA; and Foster & Partners, from London, UK shortlisted from the 33 RFQ submissions to compete for the chance to deliver the winning plan to redevelop the 217-hectare site into a sustainable, transit-oriented community.


The Envision Edmonton lobby group announces it will collect signatures on a petition to include a plebiscite on the City Centre Airport closure on the October 2010 civic ballot.


The City opens the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process for design firms to create a master plan to redevelop the Edmonton City Centre Airport lands into an environmentally sustainable, transit-oriented, mixed-use development for approximately 30,000 residents. The seven principles, endorsed by City Council in spring of 2010, include: planning & design, ecological footprint, infrastructure, family housing, green space amenities, technology and history.



City Council votes to implement a phased closure of the City Centre Airport.  A final closure date requires the Medevac issue to be appropriately resolved; the City to work with Edmonton Regional Airports Authority and Navigation Canada and a future City Council must vote on the final closure date. 

June 2008-July 2009

A detailed review was undertaken addressing: historical importance, economic impact, market feasibility, medevac services, and public consultation.

Public consultation included:

  • 2 days of public hearings in September 2008,
  • 3 days of public hearings in June 2009,
  • 5 months of public consultation with hundreds of Edmontonians, based on a consultation plan created by an advisory council of people from all sides of the issue,
  • a full report on the public consultation, which presented two main options (everyone from all sides of the issue said status quo was not an option), and
  • 18 months of input to councillors through letters, email, meetings, and phone calls. 



Edmonton City Council holds non-statutory public hearings on City Centre Airport.


Council report notes: “The airport lands redeveloped into a new urban residential and commercial community represent a significant economic and social opportunity for our growing City.” Council votes to have non-statutory public hearing in September.


Citizens of Edmonton voted in a referendum to consolidate passenger air service at the International Airport.


In 1963, after much debate, Edmonton International Airport opened 30 kilometres south of the city and became the hub for most major airlines flying in and out of Alberta.


Edmonton City Centre Airport (ECCA) began its life in 1929 as Blatchford Field, making it the first licensed airstrip in Canada. The airport has enjoyed a long history complete with aviation pioneers and serving as a flying and observer school as part of the wartime British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.


For more information:

Mark Hall

Title Executive Director, Blatchford Redevelopment
Telephone 780-496-6269
Email mark.hall@edmonton.ca