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The Quarters' Districts

Five distinct districts or precincts make up The Quarters Downtown. There are 4 “quarters,” each having their own unique character and design; at the centre will be a pedestrian-oriented street known as The Armature.

The Armature

This district is a central focus for the entire area, planned as a pedestrian-oriented street stretching 4.5 city blocks (along 96 Street from 103A Avenue to Jasper Avenue). It will include mid-rise, mixed-use residential development fronting the park.

Civic Quarter

This quarter is an extension of the downtown and the arts district. It will accommodate civic and provincial institutions mixed with medium- and high-density residential development.

Heritage Quarter

This quarter is named for the location of Edmonton’s original downtown. It recognizes the importance of preserving buildings having historic significance, with any new development complementing the historic surroundings.

McCauley Quarter

This quarter is a continuation of the residential neighbourhood to the north. It will contain smaller-scale buildings and encourage density suitable to the residential character of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Five Corners Quarter

This quarter is named after the 5 corners on the intersection at 95 Street and Jasper Avenue. It will feature higher-density residential and taller buildings.

Zoning Information

Current zoning regulations for the Quarters is available in the City's listing of Direct Control Provision (DC1) areas, listed under "The Quarters".

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Mary Ann Debrinski

Real Estate and Housing
Sustainable Development
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Title Director, Urban Renewal


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