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River Access Strategy

North Saskatchewan River valley

The River Access Strategy is a 10-year plan being developed to inform future programming, operations and infrastructure improvements that support access to the river and activities associated with the river. It will define locations, regulations and use guidelines for development of river-based amenities. It will also balance environmental stewardship while encouraging a broader appreciation for activities on the river. All of this will enhance enjoyment of the North Saskatchewan River for existing and future users, as well as provide direction and assurances to partners.

Project Timeline

Project Timeline : Strategy Phase

Fall 2016 River Access Strategy Final Report 
Fall 2015  Approval of Guiding Principles and Strategies 
May/Jun 2015  Strategies Online Survey
Jun - Jul 2014

Guiding Principles Online Survey

Guiding Principles Survey Summary Report

Jun 2014  Guiding Principles Stakeholder Review 
Apr - May 2014 

River Usage and Attitudes Online Survey

River Usage and Attitudes Survey Summary Report

Dec 2013 / Jan 2014

Initial Stakeholder Consultation

River Access Strategy Facilitated Sessions Overview 


Project Overview

The North Saskatchewan River valley is one of North America’s largest urban parks. Stewardship of this resource is important to Edmontonians. Access to the river and its valley is essential to Edmonton’s quality of life.

Within Edmonton's city limits, the banks of the North Saskatchewan River include many parks, natural areas, trails, and amenities including boating facilities, launches, hand launches and docks. These features are owned by the City and designed for use by the public, partner groups and Emergency Response.

The River Access Strategy will establish guiding principles and guidelines to inform the development and location of all river-based infrastructure and supporting amenities. Its goal will be to balance environmental stewardship while encouraging a broader appreciation for activities on or near the river.

Since August 2013, the City has led the development of the River Access Strategy in collaboration with the public, stakeholders and partner groups. The strategy will focus primarily on river use and the associated infrastructure for current and future users. It will provide guidance on development, locations and use of river recreational facilities, as well as identify a number of strategies and implementation actions.

In 2014, a set of guiding principles for river access were established through extensive consultation, discussions and workshops. Throughout 2015, the City will be developing the strategies, as well as determining site criteria and identifying appropriate locations and uses for river activity. Opportunities for public and stakeholder involvement will continue. Anticipated completion of the River Access Strategy is fall 2016.

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