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McCauley Revitalization

"A Cultural Experience"

The McCauley Revitalization Strategy was approved by Edmonton City Council in December 2010. This advances the revitalization with the City investing $10.5 million in McCauley over the next three years to support this community-led revitalization.

McCauley Community Vision Little Italy

"We are proud of McCauley as a vibrant, safe, colourful and diverse neighbourhood. As we plan for its growth, we are guided by principles of sustainability, inclusivity, preservation and beauty. At the same time  - with gusto - we embrace ideas of community connectedness and vitality for all those who walk our sidewalks, reside in our homes, work and shop in our businesses and are cared for in our neighbourhood."

McCauley's Revitalization Goals

  • Creating a safe community
  • Celebrating the community
  • Building the community
  • Providing sustainable housing and service options

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McCauley Neighbourhood Profile

2011 Plans

The McCauley Revitalization Strategy is moving forward. McCauley residents will soon experience how their ideas come to life in urban designs for the neighbourhood.

The City of Edmonton is investing $500,000 in 2011 to develop the urban design conceptual plans for the McCauley Street enhancements, multicultural tea house, parkland and garden development, and street lighting improvements. This will improve the safety and walkability of this neighbourhood.

Highlights for the area

  • Overall safety plan to improve the area and make it safer for all residents, businesses, and citizens who visit.
  • Enhancements to Chinatown with banners, lighting, and sidewalk decorations.
  • Improvements to 107A Ave including a name change to Marco Polo Way.
  • Pocket areas in McCauley will be designed into housing and community parks.
  • Improvements in Little Italy to increase the size and development heading south on 95 Street.
  • Developing plans for the multicultural tea house along 107A Ave.
  • Creating a community hub where coffee houses and other events can be housed and staged.

Creating A Cultural Experience Chinese Dragon

Edmontonians continue to come to McCauley for the cultural experience. The community connects Chinatown and Little Italy and is becoming the place to visit and take part in its year-round celebrations.

The McCauley Revitalization strategy has sparked investor interest in the revitalization of Chinatown and Little Italy as destinations of choice. Current discussions are focused on creating walkable, attractive themed villages that celebrate the history and cultural heritage of both areas.

Community Successes

  • The McCauley Revitalization strategy was approved by City Council in December 2010. $10.2 million will now be invested in the revitalization of McCauley over the next several years.
  • Trees Please Initiative continues to increase the number of trees in McCauley. In 2010, 50 trees were planted and tree planting will continue in 2011.
    • The Trees Please Initiative is a partnership with Canadian Tire, McCauley, and City of Edmonton.
  • The 2010 portable washrooms pilot has helped to deal with issues in McCauley and is advancing the goal is to develop permanent public washrooms.
  • New businesses are being welcomed into the area.
  • Coffee houses in McCauley have started up in 2010 and two will be hosted this spring.
  • Murals to replace graffiti along the LRT corridor and now in Chinatown. Two more theme murals to be completed in 2011 in Little Italy.
  • Large item pick-ups from residential yards and alleyways. Residents can call 780-496-6887 to make arrangements. 
  • McCauley Sweep Weed Operations Team (SWOT) youth team helped to clean up businesses and areas in need in 2010 and will continue in 2011.
  • Global market is working on a night market plan for July 2011.

Chinatown Street Vendors

For more information:

Jane Molstad

Title Revitalization Coordinator for McCauley


Fax 780-495-0330

David Holdsworth

Sustainable Development
8th Floor, 10250 - 101 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3P4



Fax 780-401-7052
Email david.holdsworth@edmonton.ca