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Jasper Place Revitalization

Jasper Place Area Redevelopment Plan Adopted

One of the key goals identified by the Jasper Place Revitalization Strategy was to develop an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). This work was completed with the adoption of the Jasper Place ARP on August 24, 2015. Visit the project webpage to learn more about the ARP will help shape change and growth in Jasper Place.

Stony Plain Road Streetscape Improvements

Stony Plain Road is emerging as one of West Edmonton’s key destinations. In 2013, the City began streetscape improvements to help make Stony Plain Road more accessible, better designed and pedestrian-friendly.

Jasper Place Vision

The people involved in the Jasper Place Revitalization Strategy envision:

Goal 1: Feeling safe in our community.

Create a community where feeling safe is common. Where children can play freely, residents and visitors can walk and ride bikes safely, and where drugs and crime are under control. The Jasper Place area will be known as a safe community in which to live, work and play.

Goal 2: Connecting our community.

Create a community where neighbours and business owners know each other, and all work together to resolve issues and create opportunities. Residents and business owners take pride in their community and share this pride through street appeal, cleanliness, and events. A community newspaper and other efforts help to market a positive image.

Goal 3: Building our community.

Jasper Place is the place to live and have a business. Store fronts are well kept, clean and bring pride to the area. Parkland, schools and pedestrian walkways have plenty of lighting. Sidewalks, roadways and signage are improved and safe for all users. Adult businesses are only a small component of area business.

Jasper Place Revitalization Neighbourhoods

Urban Design Vision

As part of the Jasper Place Revitalization, an Urban Design Vision has been prepared by the City of Edmonton Sustainable Development Department in consultation with area stakeholders.

For further information on the Urban Design Vision, email StonyPlainRdVision@edmonton.ca.


Jasper Place Revitalization Update Spring 2013
  • Our volunteers
  • Community signs coming soon
  • Streetscaping moving into construction phase in 2013
  • Big Bin community clean up getting ready for 2013
  • Park Watch
  • Student art sculpture and gala
  • Community events connecting neighbours
  • Update from the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association
  • Jasper Place area redevelopment plan
  • Jasper Place renewal
  • City programs encourage building improvements
  • 2013 Jasper Place historical calendar very popular
  • Matching grant programs help revitalize communities

Community Standards Update Spring 2013

  • Bylaw enforcement of neglected property
  • Big Bin events
  • Jasper Place large item pick up
  • Graffiti management program
  • Reuse and recycle directory,
  • Noxious weeds
  • Pet licensing and Prevent Another Litter Subsidy Program (PALs)

Jasper Place Revitalization Update Fall 2012

  • Neighbourhood Revitalization
  • Your chance to have a say in the future of Jasper Place
  • Jasper Place renewal
  • City programs encourage building improvements
  • Art and sculpture adds colour to Stony Plain Road
  • Community clean up
  • Spring tea a success
  • Community and police collaborate on safety
  • Summer bylaw blitz update


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