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The End of the World

Belgravia Lookout

The area locally dubbed as “The End of the World” is a site above the now-closed Keillor Road at the top of the river bank on Saskatchewan Drive in the Belgravia neighbourhood. 

Large pillars of a former retaining wall remain at the site, which has been known to offer a beautiful view of Edmonton’s river valley and west Edmonton. However, recession and slumping of the embankment, along with deterioration of the pillars, present a significant safety hazard. The area is restricted and the general public is prohibited from accessing the site. 

The City of Edmonton and Belgravia Community league are looking for input on proposed changes to make the area safe for viewing while considering community impacts.

The outcome of public consultation will guide decisions on how to proceed with the project and further design.

Project Timeline

Strategy Phase

October 2015 Decision on moving forward with design based on public consultation results
2016 Design and environmental reviews and approvals
2017 Construction

Project Overview

A study was conducted on slope stability and it was recommended that a viewpoint be constructed on top of the concrete pillars using the existing trails to access the viewpoint. The vegetation on top of the bank should be left undisturbed to help maintain slope stability. Improvements can be made to access routes and barrier fences.

Although out of bounds, people continue to visit the site. The number of visitors has had an impact on the community with increased noise, litter, parking and late night activity. Through public consultation, the City of Edmonton and the Belgravia Community League will get feedback on the concept plan for the site and the future strategies to reduce impacts on the community.

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