Kinsmen Sport Centre Master Plan

Public Consultation and Next Steps

Everyone is welcome to participate. Kinsmen Sports Centre is your facility, and you are encouraged to take part in deciding its future.

Early Fall 2011: Final report to be presented to City Council

Past Events and Results

  • February 2011: As part of an extensive 3-part consultation process, approximately 22 sports groups, Kinsmen Sports Centre staff and other City staff, and members of the public were consulted via a public open house, surveys, and interviews.

    Consultation Results - Feb 2011

  • April 2011: from the findings of the consultations and a trend review, Cannon Design developed 3 options for consideration. These options include recomendations for staging of the work and provide high level costing information to assist in looking for financial support.
Ideas for Development / Improvement
  • May 31, 2011: 2nd Public Open House, at which the following material was presented:
  • Kinsmen Master Plan - Open House 2
  • Proposed Facility Enhancements
  • Construction and Renovation Areas 
  • Why A Kinsmen Master Plan?

    As the city's population has grown and new facilities have come on stream, it has become important to look at the City's big picture and determine the role that the Kinsmen Sports Centre should play in serving the sport and recreation needs of Edmontonians.

    The City of Edmonton, with Cannon Design, is developing a comprehensive Kinsmen Sports Centre Master Plan.

    The study is looking at:

    • How Kinsmen Sports Centre is used  – who uses it, and for what?
    • What are Kinsmen's strengths?
    • What sporting needs aren't being met?
    • How does Kinsmen compare with the best facilities in other cities?
    • How does Kinsmen fit within the whole spectrum of sport and recreation facilities in Edmonton?
    • What is the best use of the facility in the future?
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