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You Can Walk to the Door, Others Can’t

November 21, 2011

Accessible Parking Awareness Week drives citizens to park with care

It’s time to remember - laziness is not a disability. Only drivers with accessible parking permits may use accessible parking stalls.

“There is never a good excuse to illegally park in a designated stall,” said Mayor Mandel in proclaiming November 21 to 27 Accessible Parking Awareness Week. “Accessible stalls are for individuals with disabilities. An important part of making our city more livable is working together to make Edmonton inclusive and accessible for everyone.”

Bob Macklon, Chair of Edmonton’s Advisory Board on Services for Persons with a Disability, says those with disabilities depend on accessible parking stalls to do even the smallest tasks.

“As a person with a physical disability, accessible parking was created for people in my situation and I urge the rest of the public to respect that,” said Mr. Macklon. “Just going to the store to pick up some milk can become an ordeal, or even impossible, for a person with a disability if someone has illegally parked in an accessible stall.”

Besides creating barriers for others, drivers who park in an accessible stall without a permit may receive a $250 fine, plus have to foot the bill for towing and impound charges.

Parking permits for people with disabilities are issued by Alberta Transportation. For application forms, visit any Alberta Registry Agent or the Service Alberta Driver-Vehicle Information website.


For more information:

Leslie Tanzi

Community Services

Title Events Coordinator, Advisory Board on Services for Persons with Disabilities

780-405-7731 (cell)

Email leslie.tanzi@edmonton.ca