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The Glow that Illuminates

July 28, 2011

Edmonton replaces old street lights with green LED technology

Following a successful pilot project in two Edmonton communities, the City of Edmonton is replacing traditional street lights with modern, high-efficiency LED lighting as part of the Neighbourhood Renewal Program.

In 2011, there will be 4500 light fixtures installed in 12 neighbourhoods. The LEDs will replace deteriorated, inefficient street light systems, reduce and minimize light pollution and overflow, and ensure proper lighting to improve pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety.

“By switching to LEDs, we are investing in Edmonton’s environmental future and moving toward being a sustainable city,” says Councilor Don Iveson. “The new lights are 40 per cent more efficient and result in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the new fixtures last between 15 and 20 years, thereby decreasing long-term maintenance costs.”

Converting Edmonton neighbourhood street lighting to LEDs will result in a savings of approximately $4,300 per neighbourhood per year on average. For every thousand lights replaced, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 243 tons per year.

Conventional street lights will be converted to LED lights using existing pole locations in approximately 95 per cent of the installations. Because the replacement is taking place at the same time as other neighbourhood renewal activities and pole locations will for the most part be maintained, the installation will result in minimal additional disruption for residents.

“Edmonton has always taken its role as an environmental steward very seriously, and both council and administration recognized the need to improve the efficiency of our street lighting system,” says Iveson. “This is one of the largest LED replacement programs in Canada, and contributes to our goal of making Edmonton a national leader in setting and achieving the highest standards of environmental preservation and sustainability.” 

In conjunction with the LED retro-fit program, the City is also working with the Light Efficient Community Coalition and the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, in developing a Light Efficient Community Policy which will establish a framework for environmental stewardship and efficiency for all outdoor lighting.

There are 98,000 street lights in Edmonton, 60 per cent of which are situated in neighbourhoods.