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Speed-On-Green Enforcement Resumes

July 11, 2011

Speed-on-green enforcement will resume in Edmonton, starting on July 12 at 12am. After a thorough review of the camera technology and ticket review process, the City of Edmonton, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS), and Alberta Justice all support the continued use of speed-on-green enforcement in Edmonton.

“Speed-on-green technology is an excellent tool for improving intersection traffic safety,” explains Bob Boutilier, General Manager of Transportation Services with the City of Edmonton. “Keeping motorists safe is our top priority.”

The City and EPS have made technology upgrades to all the camera systems. Equipment monitoring tools and new ticket review processes have been added to the intersection safety camera program.

“We are satisfied with the improvements made to the speed-on-green camera technology and the ticket review process,” said Darryl da Costa, Deputy Chief, Edmonton Police Service. “The cameras are an effective tool for speed enforcement, and their continued use will help us to reduce property damage and injury collisions at intersections.”

All intersection safety camera locations have been extensively tested and are tested on a daily basis to confirm they are within operating standards.

"With the upgrades in technology and the new testing procedures in place, I have full confidence in the reliability of Edmonton's intersection safety cameras and our ability to prosecute these tickets," said Steven Bilodeau, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Alberta Justice.

Motorists are encouraged to obey the speed limit at all times. In 2010 there were 28,840 collisions in the City of Edmonton with 47 per cent (13,501) being intersection related. The intersection related collisions contributed to 67 per cent of total injuries (3,314) and 13 of the 27 fatalities. By following the speed limit, you can do your part to help yourself others get home safely.