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Pothole Repairs Move into Overdrive

March 23, 2011

With recent moderate temperatures, the City of Edmonton has been able to accelerate its pothole repair program for 2011.

“We’ve been working on potholes throughout the snow season,” says Bob Dunford, Director, Roadway Maintenance for Transportation. “The freeze-thaw cycles that we experienced over the last five months have created a number of challenges for our crews, and we didn’t want to wait until the spring to tackle some of the more serious damage inflicted by a combination of standing water and subzero temperatures.  Now that we have warmer weather, less snowfall and longer days, our crews can focus on pothole repairs throughout the city.”

In northern climates, dramatic drops in temperature cause the ground beneath the roads to heave and the asphalt to crack. As the weather warms and snow thaws, the resulting run-off fills the breaks in the road’s surface. When temperatures drop again, the freezing water in the cracks expands and further breaks down the asphalt. Potholes are formed as vehicles ride over top of the damaged areas and further loosen material. 

Over the course of the spring and summer maintenance program, crews generally work on between 400,000 and 420,000 potholes. Preventative maintenance on roads throughout Edmonton over the past few years has improved the overall condition, but due to the number of freeze-thaw cycles the City expects crews to be working on approximately 450,000 potholes this year. The budget for pothole repair in 2011 is $5.9 million.

“Although Roadway Maintenance seeks out and fixes as many potholes as possible, we ask that members of the public assist us by reporting potholes and identifying areas of particular concern,” says Dunford. “We encourage citizens to visit our webpage and submit a pothole report; by doing so, they can help us ensure good driving conditions for Edmontonians.”

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