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Parking Meter Rate Change

May 26, 2011

The rate to park at Edmonton’s more than 3,200 parking meters will increase by $0.50 on June 1, 2011, helping to keep on-street parking a benefit to short-term uses for business accessibility.
On-street parking remains a popular option and needs to be priced at an appropriate level when compared to parkades and other off-street facilities. Parking meters effectively control parking in busy areas like downtown and Old Strathcona; turnover is higher than in lots and parkades, thereby ensuring the regular availability of curbside spaces.

“Parking meters are designed to accommodate short-term parking during business hours, particularly in the downtown area,” says Don MacDonald, director of Traffic Control with the Transportation Department. “A higher meter rate means that there are more spots available for people to quickly get in to conduct their business and get out again, leaving the spot open for someone else’s use.”

On Saturdays, the rate at City meters drops to $1.00 per hour, while on weekdays after 6pm and on Sundays, downtown meters are free. In other areas, including 124 Street, Old Strathcona and Chinatown, free parking takes effect after 9pm on weekdays. 

Parking meter rates are priced to be competitive with off-street parking, where the average cost runs at $5.00 per hour in high demand areas. 

Edmonton’s rates remain low in comparison to many major urban centres including Calgary and Vancouver where meters cost up to $6.00 per hour. The implementation of the new rates on parking meters through the city will take approximately two weeks.

The rates will be:

 Parking Area

 Existing rate

 New Rate

 High demand areas



 Medium demand areas



 Low demand areas



For more information:

Don MacDonald

Transportation Services

Title Director of Traffic Control


Laura McNabb


Title Communications Officer