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Online Tool Makes Property Assessment Appeals Easier

March 25, 2011

Edmonton’s Assessment Review Board (ARB) has completed work on registering 2011 property assessment complaints filed by the March 14 deadline. The ARB reports that Edmonton property owners filed a total of 2,770 complaints – up marginally from last year, but about half the four-year average.

This year for the first time, property owners had the option of filing assessment appeals online. “We were really pleased that 1,330 complaints were filed online,” says Monette Malley, Acting Director of Tribunals. “For the first time ever, customers didn’t have to wait in a long line-up at ARB on deadline day.”

The City mailed 319,608 property assessment notices in early January. Those who disagreed with the assessed value had the option of filing a complaint with the ARB. The complaints represent less than one per cent of the properties in Edmonton.

Complaints Filed at Deadline Date

   2008  2009  2010  2011
 Residential  4,909  3,860  516  1,494
 Non-residential  2,062  2,412  1,888  1,276
 TOTAL  6,971  6,272  2,404  2,770

Assessments were based on the value that properties may have sold for on July 1, 2010. Single-family homes in Edmonton increased by an average of about nine per cent between July 2009 and July 2010. The City uses each property’s assessed value, compared to all other properties, to determine each property owner’s share of the total municipal taxes required to pay for civic services and programs.

Another online tool introduced this year was a property tax estimator that property owners could use with data from their assessment notice. In addition, almost 7,000 property owners accessed a web-based data bank of information specific to their property, including sales information and property characteristics, used to calculate individual assessments. The interactive web map showing property assessments in any neighbourhood was also a popular tool.

Citizens could also call 311 and ask to speak to a city assessor prior to deciding if they wanted to file a complaint. The number of calls to 311 on tax and assessment was up this year, with about 11,200 calls, up from 10,200 last year.

Final tax notices will be mailed in May.