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On the Edge of Losing It? Tie It Down!

June 20, 2011

Share the responsibility and secure your load

Heading to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre or an Eco Station, helping a friend move or making a delivery? If you are, make sure you secure your load while driving on Edmonton roads.

“A clean and safe Edmonton is a shared responsibility,” said Don Belanger, program manager for Capital City Clean Up. “We can all help make Edmonton a safer, more livable city if we take the time to properly secure and dispose of unwanted items.”

A litter audit in 2010 showed there was twice as much litter on Yellowhead Trail compared to 123 other locations across the city. This litter ranged from items simply tossed from passing vehicles to loose material from unsecured loads.

"We continue to see vehicles arriving at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre and Eco Stations with unsecured loads,” said Garry Spotowski with the City’s Waste Management Services. “Sometimes they are even dragging materials on the road that they have tied to their bumper.”

In addition to creating an unsightly mess, this litter and debris also create serious hazards for drivers on Edmonton roads.

"Loose debris and litter can be very dangerous, especially on busy roads like the Yellowhead where it can lead to serious collisions and injuries," said Wes Skakun, Acting Program Coordinator with the City's Community Standards Peace Officers. "For safety's sake, secure your load properly by tying down large items to your vehicle and covering loose material with a tarp."

To keep our streets safe, community standards peace officers will be patrolling the city this summer looking for vehicles that need to better secure their loads. Drivers are encouraged to get tarps, straps and cargo nets from their local hardware store before hauling anything. The hardware needed to properly secure a load costs around $20, while fines for failing to secure a load start at $250.

If you do lose an item during transport, the City asks you to:

  • Take reasonable steps, if possible, to safely remove litter and debris from the roadside. Do not put yourself in danger to recover a lost item.
  • If that's not possible, report the incident to the City by calling 311.
  • If necessary, notify the Edmonton Police Service, so they can make sure other drivers are protected.

Failing to properly secure a load could lead to a serious collision, so remember—tie it down and cover it!