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Neighbourhood Makeovers Wind Down for the Year

Neighbourhood Renewal

October 27, 2011

Edmonton invested $184.2 million in Neighbourhood Infrastructure Renewal Projects in 2011

The City of Edmonton is wrapping up its neighbourhood renewal and enhancements for the season. $184.2 million was poured into more than 90 neighbourhoods in 2011, improving streets, sidewalks, street lights and drainage systems, and adding amenities such as pathways that made areas more attractive and pedestrian-friendly.

Drainage infrastructure saw an investment of $35 million; investments in roads, sidewalks and lighting totaled $133 million; and community amenities and enhancements added up to $16.2 million, including an investment of $9 million in neighbourhood revitalization projects.

Roads, curbs, sidewalks, streetlights

“Despite the adverse weather we faced throughout June and July, the City was able to achieve our goals in all but one area requiring preventative maintenance, renewal and reconstruction,” says Adam Laughlin, Director of Transportation Service’s Neighbourhood Renewal Program. “By working closely with utility companies, consulting firms and construction companies we were able to minimize disruption to residents and maximize our efficiency, with very positive results.”

In 2011, there was neighbourhood reconstruction (replacement of roads, curbs, sidewalks and street lights)  in six neighbourhoods (West Jasper Place, Capilano, Fulton Place, Parkallen, Rio Terrace and Sherbrooke); 14 neighbourhood overlay projects; five microsurfacing projects; 37 collector/residential street repaving locations; two alley reconstructions; and 12 neighbourhoods receiving alley/street lighting and street pole upgrades. Renewal locations for 2012 are currently being developed as part of the 2012-14 capital budget process.

Sewers and pipes

The City renewed sewer pipes in twenty-four neighbourhoods and completed sewer inspections in four communities where pavement and sidewalk reconstruction are scheduled for 2013 or 2014. Renewal work also began in Dovercourt, Canora, Montrose, Grovenor, Terrace Heights, Weir Industrial and Laurier Heights. Poor weather interrupted this work, but it will be completed in spring before the 2012 reconstruction program.

“It’s important for the City to complete the drainage renewal work well in advance of roadwork and other upgrades so that projects stay on schedule and budget,” says John Cairns, Project Manager for Sewer Rehabilitation, Drainage Services. “We work with other utilities to ensure work is completed efficiently. 2011 was a challenging year, but we will finish any incomplete work as soon as possible in 2012 so that we can all stay on track,” he said.

Neighbourhood amenities

During the 2011 construction season a total of $16.2 million was invested in 19 neighbourhoods in amenities such as walkways, public art and landscaping. This includes $7.2 million in six neighbourhood improvement projects in Belvedere, Fulton Place, Meadowlark Park, Sherbrooke, Strathcona and Downtown and $9 million invested in four Council-approved revitalization areas  involving 13 neighbourhoods in Alberta Avenue, Jasper Place, McCauley, Central McDougall/Queen Mary Park.

"One of the City's 10-year goals is to improve Edmonton's livability,” says Stephane Labonne, Director of the Office of Great Neighbourhoods. “Replacing roads, curbs, sidewalks and streets lights, repairing and maintaining the sewer system and working with residents to identify and invest in neighbourhood improvements adds to Edmonton's overall livability."

Edmontonians can review all infrastructure investments in their neighbourhoods on the page for their neighbourhood on the City’s website.