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Edmonton Steps Into a Greener Future

July 21, 2011

The City of Edmonton and its citizens took a strong step forward on a path to a greener future with City Council’s adoption of The Way We Green environmental strategic action plan.

The plan was approved at the July 20th City Council meeting paving the way for City administration to begin work on an implementation plan that will see the goals and strategies outlined in The Way We Green put into practice over the next 30 years.

The plan was passed after about two hours of discussion by members of City Council. Councillor Ben Henderson, who spoke in favour of the plan, said passing of the plan was vital to ensure Edmonton is not left behind other cities who are taking more aggressive action on the environment.

“To say no to this is to put our heads in the sand.”

The Way We Green describes a future Edmonton that is carbon-neutral, generates zero waste, is significantly less dependent on fossil fuels, has clean air and water, is able to withstand and bounce back intact from a range of possible environmental disturbances, and where in the course of everyday life, residents experience a strong connection with nature.

This plan’s vision is articulated through 12 goals, 43 objectives and 193 strategic action that take aim at Edmonton’s environmental and ecosystem challenges involving land, water, air, energy, climate change, food, and solid waste.

Councillor Don Iveson, who holds the environment portfolio on Council and who has been involved with the creation of The Way We Green from its inception said that it was important to remember that passing of The Way We Green was just the beginning of the work to protect and preserve Edmonton’s environment.

“This isn’t the end of the conversation. This is the beginning of the next conversation.”

City administration will spend the next few months working on an implementation plan for The Way We Green which will detail how the goals and objectives of the plan might be set into motion. The implementation plan will be presented in the fall.

The Way We Green was developed with significant public input and that input will continue over the coming months and years as the City and citizens work together to implement the goals of The Way We Green.

For more information on The Way We Green, please visit www.TheWayWeGreen.ca.