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Don’t Give These Beetles a Ticket to Ride

Elm Trees

May 26, 2011

City encourages residents to help prevent Dutch Elm Disease

With the elm pruning ban in effect and camping season in full swing, the City reminds residents to help prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease.

This disease is spread by elm bark beetles that feed on healthy elms and breed in dead and dying elm trees. Alberta is still free of Dutch Elm Disease, but the City detected these beetles in the region more than a decade ago.

To help keep Edmonton’s elm trees one of the world’s largest, disease-free populations:

  • Avoid transporting firewood to limit the opportunity for the beetles to travel long distances.
  • Comply with the elm pruning ban by not pruning elms between April 1 and September 30. Beetles are attracted to the scent of fresh-cut wood and they could infect a healthy elm.
  • When emergency pruning is required after a storm or lightning strike, you need permission from the City to prune an elm tree by phoning 311 and residents must properly dispose of all elm wood.

Signs of Dutch Elm Disease include drooping, yellowing leaves or brown leaves in the summertime, and branches with smaller leaves than the rest of the tree. Residents who spot a potentially infected elm should report it to 311.


For more information:

Mike Jenkins

Urban Planning and Environment
Office of Environment, Sustainable Development