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23,000 People Commit to Ending Racism in Edmonton

June 27, 2011

The 16 Racism Free Edmonton partner organizations have unveiled the names of about 23,000 citizens who have made a commitment to help build a racism-free Edmonton.

“Showcasing the fact that 23,000 citizens have committed to make Edmonton a friendlier city, where cultural traditions are respected and racism is not acceptable, is a wonderful way to celebrate Canadian Multiculturalism Day,” said Amarjeet Sohi. 

The I’m Committed to a Racism Free Edmonton campaign was launched last fall and encouraged Edmontonians to either sign scrolls or postcards that were located around the city and in schools, or make their commitment online. The names were unveiled at a noon-hour celebration at City Hall where the scrolls were rolled from the balconies and down the stairs from Council Chambers. The event was held in conjunction with Canadian Multiculturalism Day and just a few days after National Aboriginal Day celebrations.

Some of the many pledges included getting to know a colleague or fellow student from another race, speaking up when a racist joke is told, teaching one’s children the importance of being committed to a racism free environment, and educating employees and creating policies with respect to racism in the workplace.

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and The King’s University College were acknowledged at the event as new partners who have joined community leaders and agencies working together to end racism in our city.

“Not only is one simple act making a tremendous difference, but by working together within our community with leaders like the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and The King’s University College, we can positively influence so many more people,” said Councillor Sohi.

Gathering 23,000 commitments and today’s celebration are further steps in the ongoing effort to build an inclusive city that respects cultural diversity.  The Racism Free Edmonton partners will continue to look at changes within organizations and how to better support the community’s efforts to eradicate racism in Edmonton. 

For more information:

Jacqualine Ladouceur

Title Senior Communications Advisor

780-868-2090 (cell)