23 Avenue Bridges Open

August 23, 2010

Full interchange to open by end of September

Following three years of extensive construction, the City of Edmonton is opening the second of two bridges across 23 Avenue on time and on budget. When the 19 Avenue overpass opens by the end of September, the 23 Avenue Interchange will be completely accessible to traffic.

“Motorists will now be safer and traffic will move faster through this area,” says Byron Nicholson, Director of Special Projects, Roadways Design and Construction, Capital Construction. “We will also have made it more efficient for goods and services to flow through this very busy area, helping our economy.”

On September 5, the City will open the eastbound bridge and traffic shifts will take place as follows:

  • All eastbound traffic will move onto the new half of the 23 Avenue bridge.
  • All westbound traffic will remain on the previously completed half of the 23 Avenue bridge.
  • Northbound and southbound traffic will remain free flow beneath the bridges.
  • Traffic will be able to move onto and off of 23 Avenue from both the north and south.
  • There will be only right in/right out access from the northwest service road on and off of 23 Avenue.
  • Traffic movements on both the eastbound and westbound bridges will be controlled by signals.

Later in September, the City will open the 19 Avenue overpass and traffic there will shift as well:

  • Motorists will be able to access 19 Avenue from the west side of Calgary Trail.
  • Signals on Calgary Trail at 19 Avenue will be removed.
  • Access to the 19 Avenue exit from 23 Avenue to Calgary Trail will be permitted.
  • Traffic accessing Gateway Blvd. from 19 Avenue will be redirected over the 23 Avenue overpass.

The City of Edmonton began construction on the 23 Avenue Interchange in the fall of 2007. Work on landscaping and paving will continue in 2011, including the temporary closure of Gateway Boulevard and Calgary Trail to pave and upgrade both roads. In 2007, Edmonton city council approved the expenditure of $260 million for the entire project.

For detailed information, business access maps and recommended routes, motorists are encouraged to visit www.23avenue.com


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