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New Edmonton Food Council Members Introduced


July 26, 2013

The City of Edmonton has announced the names of 15 citizens who will serve on the new Edmonton Food Council.

The Edmonton Food Council will advise City staff on food and urban agriculture matters and will support the implementation of fresh, Edmonton’s Food and Urban Agriculture Strategy.

“I’m pleased to see the diversity of talent, commitment and knowledge among the members of the Edmonton Food Council,” says Peter Ohm, Manager of the City’s Urban Planning and Environment Branch. “This is no small endeavour that they are taking on. Resilient cities address issues like healthy living and ecosystems and supporting small businesses. We will look to them for their thoughts, advice and ideas as we move forward with fresh.”

The City received 57 outstanding nominations for the Council and interviewed 22 of the nominees in July. Of the 15 members chosen for the Council, eight will serve two-year terms while seven will serve one-year terms in order to maintain continuity from one year to the next.

Two of the 15 members have been appointed co-chairs of the Edmonton Food Council: Stuart Cullum and Mary Bailey. Cullum and Bailey will provide leadership and act as the voices of the Food Council.

The candidates demonstrated a passion for the subject of food, have extensive knowledge of the food system and the agricultural sector, have strong relationship-building skills and are ready to be progressive and innovative.

The Food Council will be looked to for their expertise, experience and extensive networks and connections in the food and agriculture community. In addition to advising the City on the implementation of fresh, there will also be room for the Food Council to choose high priority projects and areas of work that they believe will have the greatest impact in improving the food system. 

In the first year, Food Council members will need time to get to know one another and to understand how they can be most effective, but other roles may include connecting and coordinating efforts across the food system, providing public engagement and educational opportunities, and undertaking research projects that help monitor and measure the progress of fresh

For more information on the new Edmonton Food Council including a complete list of members, please visit: Edmonton Food Council.

For more information:

Mary-Ann Thurber

Sustainable Development
Title Communications Officer


Email maryann.thurber@edmonton.ca