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Eco Stations: 2-Million Visitors and Counting

Eco Station

March 15, 2013

The City of Edmonton is celebrating 2-million visits to its Eco Stations, thanking residents for keeping 16,093,483 litres of household hazardous waste out of landfill.

“Edmonton is a leader in effective and integrated urban waste management,” says Councillor Don Iveson. “This proactive approach to protecting the environment can only happen with the help of residents.”

Eco Stations are convenient waste drop-off facilities for household hazardous wastes, such as paint, batteries and oil. Also accepted are light bulbs, electrical appliances, e-waste such as computer monitors, and large and bulky items.

“Having our Eco Stations meet the 2-million-visitor mark is a testament to how successful this program is, and a milestone in our citizens’ commitment to our environment,” says Iveson. “By working together, we can all do our part to help make our city a clean, sustainable and healthy place to live.”

The first Eco Station opened in 1995 and since then the stations have received: 98,840 tires; 4,773,600 litres of paint; 5,494,443 litres of oil; 5,304,800 litres of household chemicals; 403,349 fluorescent bulbs; 191,144 TVs and 221,392 computer monitors, among many other items. Most of these materials can be recycled.

Usable paint is offered to customers free of charge and so far about half a million litres have been exchanged among customers.

For a complete list of items that should be taken to an Eco Station please visit edmonton.ca/ecostations or call 311.

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Andrea Soler

Corporate Communications

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