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Council Roundup – January 23, 2013

January 24, 2013

City to bid for 2014 International Triathlon Grand Final

City Council has directed Administration to submit a bid to host the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Grand Final in 2014. The ITU invited Edmonton to bid to host the major event late last year. The event will host up to 6,000 athletes and reach of more than 21-million television viewers, with an estimated economic impact of $16-million to the host city. The City’s financial commitment would be $2-million of the $5-million operating budget. In April, details on work needed to upgrade the lake at Hawrelak Park will be presented to Council. This work, estimated at $1.23-million, would position Edmonton as a strong host for future events. The ITU Board will discuss their selection of the 2014 host city at a meeting in Madrid on Friday.

Council accepts recommendations of Compensation Committee

City Council accepted 7 of the 8 recommendations made by the Independent Council Compensation Committee. The citizen group recommended to continue 4 current practices and suggested 3 changes that Council will adopt:

  • Council compensation should be adjusted each year based on the % change of Alberta’s average weekly earnings, averaged over 12 months. This is a change from the current practice of increasing salaries based on the % change in average Alberta wages from one September to the next September, which is subject to seasonal spikes. Averaging over 12 months removes seasonal spikes. 
  • The salary for Councillors (excluding the Mayor) should be increased 2.5% to reduce the difference between Councillors and Mayor’s salaries. The citizen committee said that the Councillors have many of the same responsibilities, decision-making accountability and time commitments, so their salary should be closer, but still less than, the Mayor’s salary. 
  • Members of Council should have the option to participate in 1 of 2 retirement contribution options, rather than 1 plan that is currently an option for retirement contributions.

City Council decided to not adopt a recommendation to make their salary fully taxable because the change proposed by the committee would not increase their take-home pay, but it would have increased the City budget by over $300,000 and that increase would go directly to provincial and federal income taxes. Council directed Administration to increase transparency about their take-home pay after taxes on the City website.


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