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City Builds New Dedicated Bike Lanes

Bike Lanes

August 15, 2013

‘Let’s Get There Together’ Campaign Premieres Three Videos

City crews are at the mid-point of the 2013 bike route installation, with seven new bike routes on schedule for completion this fall.

Microsurfacing begins this week along 40 Avenue from 106 Street to 119 Street. Once complete, crews will continue onto 106 Street and 95 Avenue.

“Three major dedicated bike lanes are being installed this year in Edmonton,” said Sustainable Transportation General Supervisor Tyler Golly. “We’ve completed installation on several shared-use lanes, which involves adding pavement markings to existing roads. Constructing dedicated bike lanes require a more extensive process.”

Microsurfacing adds a thin layer of asphalt after the existing road has had potholes and cracks repaired. The resulting clean surface makes it easier to embed thermoplastic pavement markings for the dedicated bike lanes. The thermoplastic is durable, allowing the pavement markings to last up to five years.

On-street bicycle infrastructure has proven to increase comfort for both motorists and cyclists. According to a recent survey, 14% of Edmontonians reported riding a bike more often because of bike lanes, and 45% are interested in cycling more if a comprehensive bike route infrastructure and vibrant bike culture existed in the city.

With the addition of more cycling infrastructure, the City is enhancing its cycling awareness and education campaign, Let’s Get There Together, with three new videos that illustrate the proper usage of dedicated bike lanes, dashed bike lanes, and shared-use lanes for both cyclists and motorists. Although cyclists are allowed to travel along any Edmonton road, special rules apply to those that have been designated as bike routes.

“Education is a very important component of the City’s Bicycle Transportation Plan,” said Golly. “We can build the network, but we also want people to be comfortable sharing the road whether they are riding a bike or driving a car. We hope people will watch the videos, have a laugh, learn something new and become more comfortable navigating Edmonton streets.”

Edmontonians are invited to visit Edmonton.ca/together to view the videos and learn more about cycling in the city.


For more information:

Catherine Kloczkowski

Transportation Services

Title Communications Officer


Tyler Golly

Sustainable Transportation

Title General Supervisor