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Help Name Edmonton’s LRT Lines

June 25, 2012

Edmontonians can flex their creative muscles and enter to win an iPad in a contest to name current and future LRT lines.

“As we expand the LRT network, we need to make sure the system has a clear identity—one that is easy for people to navigate and that highlights our City’s best qualities,” says Bob Boutilier, general manager of Transportation Services.

The City is looking for names or ideas in the following categories:

  • Traits unique to Edmonton
  • Non-commercial landmarks famous to Edmonton
  • Provincial animals

Edmontonians can enter up to five names in each of the categories. Suggestions will be shortlisted and the final five names in the final category announced in the fall.

The City is looking for names that reflect Edmonton’s identity, are sustainable and are scalable for the five future LRT lines. An expanded LRT network should have names that are intuitive, safe and convenient for commuters to navigate, and that will play a central role in shaping Edmontonians’ vision of their City. It’s your LRT; help the City of Edmonton name it. 

To submit a name, go online at www.takeETS.com/myLRT or phone 780-447-3439.

The LRT naming contest runs from June 25, 2012 to August 15, 2012.

For more information:

Kelly FitzGibbon

Roads Design & Construction

Title Communications Officer