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Google Street View Showcases Edmonton

Google Street View City Hall

November 30, 2012

Google has launched maps with Street View allowing enhanced panoramic vistas of several City of Edmonton facilities, including City Hall, Churchill Square, the Muttart Conservatory and the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

Virtual visitors can watch arctic wolves playing at the zoo, take a stroll around the City Hall fountains, or check out the grounds and trails around the Muttart Conservatory’s pyramids. Street View features the exteriors of these buildings and attractions.

Google Street View also includes imagery of Edmonton’s river valley and trails and several City of Edmonton parks, including William Hawrelak Park, Louise McKinney Riverfront Park, Henrietta Louise Edwards Park. Edmonton’s river valley is the largest continuous urban parkland in North America.

Street View features 360-degree photos that allow website visitors to explore and navigate an area online.

A Google mapping team captured the images in Edmonton in July 2012. Photos were taken using a specially equipped Google motorized tricycle and panoramic camera.

Edmonton was among the Canadian cities selected by Google in expanding its Street View mapping project.

Google first mapped Edmonton several years ago.


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